10 Small Backyard Design Secrets

Today we are sharing 10 Secrets in Small Landscape Design

We know what you are looking for. Even in a small backyard it seems we all want the same thing – an amazing outdoor space to hang out with their family and friends and also to have a nice little sanctuary for peace and quiet in our backyards. We want to share 10 secrets in Small Landscape Design – hidden secrets for small backyard design ideas.


No matter what size property you have, a few of these 10 secrets will spice up your outdoor life. I love designing from an inside window-view to capture an outside scene. It brings it alive as you look out – and you are sure to enjoy it when you go out and . . . live in it.


#2) Covered structure

#3) Privacy

#4) Water features

#5) Fire Features

#6 Adding a Bar

#7 Garden Spaces

8) Built in seating

#9) Focal Feature.

#10) Sunken Areas

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