20 Gazebos in Outdoor Living Spaces

20 Gazebos in Outdoor Living Spaces

20 Gazebos in Outdoor Living Spaces . . . We use the expression so easily these days.  In fact, it won’t be long until a new “buzz word” for using your outdoors – catches on.  But ‘using’ your outdoor space is what it is all about.  Long gone are the days that landscapes were viewed by the homeowner from inside windows. Yards are livable spaces. Like extra rooms in your home, but out the back door.


That is why gazebos make sense. Gazebos allow you to use your outdoor space almost year round. Of course, weather can be a factor; however, a gazebo with a fireplace will keep you warm and toasty while giving you some breathing room from inside routines.  Enjoy the next eight properties as they show off the beauty of Gazebos with focal point fireplaces. Picture yourself relaxing in these peaceful settings with loved ones, neighbors, friends, and of course, family pets. Want to see the entire property? Join us in our gallery of works and explore.

We happen to know these first homeowners and the family dog use their outdoor living space every day.  Hey, that might be the new “buzz” word – Everyday Living Spaces!

gazebo in landscape

Rustic-modern landscape

Attached Gazebo

Gazebo in Landscape

Outdoor Fireplaces

vazebo w/Fireplace & Outdoor Living Room

Gazebo In Landscape Design

Gazebos in Landscape design


Gazebo in Landscapes

Gazebo, In-ground-Spa, Water Feature

Seriously? Who wouldn’t want anyone of the Outdoor Living Rooms you’ve just seen?  We all would, right? But it takes more than seeing something we like to create the right space for our landscape. That’s why we recognized homeowners need to swap ideas and collaborate with design professionals.  So we did. We started meeting our homeowners in their properties with a design/architect.  Now you can see how they worked together to create fabulous gazebos in Landscape Design.

Cozy outdoor living room with infrared heat lamps

Fireplace with TV in Landscape


Name your favorite! They all have a special space in my heart… they are perfect for the families they were constructed for… Don’t you Think?


Thus far, you’ve seen classic examples of Gazebos as Outdoor Living Rooms . . . now on to the next group of Gazebos as outdoor entertaining spaces. Remember how family rooms and kitchens seem to draw party guests? That is the beauty of having a Gazebo to entertain in. Complete with full or half kitchens, living décor and furniture, these entertaining areas provide perfect party space away from your kitchen sink! Many have built-in bars with bar stools for the men to hang around, TV’s for game nights, grill areas, refrigerators, and hot and cold running water!  And when it comes to supplying entertaining space for any size crowd, Gazebos definitely have it!


Landscape Design

Gazebo Attached - Perfect

Happy Valley Gazebo in Landscape

Two sided Fireplace wall

Gazebos in Landscapes

Outdoor Living Portland


Whew! See some magnificent Gazebos with all the extras?

It easy to see how Gazebos can enrich your Outdoor Living Experience – In fact, enrich your ‘Everyday Living Experience’. . .  Thank you for joining us.  If you’ve been thinking about a Gazebo in your own landscape, we can stop by your property and give you some ideas via https://premierbackyardliving.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

Leading by Design . . . As a design-based Landscape Company; Premier Backyard Living is committed to identifying our client’s views through design. During the initial consultation and walk through of the property the process is simple; align ideas around a design plan. We encourage you to meet our design team to discuss your landscape design plan. Call us to select a space on our calendar for a complimentary design consultation in your property.

Want to see what everyone else is doing in Portland?  Good Idea: Check out: http://www.parad iserestored.com/portfolio/  

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Well Neighbors, Goodbye for now…

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