3D Landscape Design Helps Imagine Your Ideas

blog cartoonBlog cartoonHi Homeowners! Looking for a landscape design for your Backyard? Ask for a 3D rendering.

3D landscape design in our technical design world is a No-Brainer. It’s 2019 . .  your chosen landscape company should provide a 3D rendering to preview your finished outdoor living space during the design process. There’s nothing like taking a visual walk-through of the project you wish to build.

Premier Backyard Living is well known for its 3D designs. Our Designers are simply the best. They know by presenting a 3D preview it’s as if you’re touring your new new landscape before it’s even built. You’ll be able to see the plants, elements, hardscaping, and structures. The water features, fire places, outdoor kitchens . . . the list goes on and on.

Why don’t we show you instead. Here are a few 3D designs to show you what we are talking about.


The images above were pretty impressive, eh? Did you notice all the details? Now picture yourself waiting for your own landscape design review. Your Premier Backyard Living Designer arrives and presents you with this Stunning Design Reveal.


You may think this seems like a dream landscape. Actually, everyday homeowners are turning their backyard ideas into dream landscapes similar to this one.  We all see how daily life patterns are changing into must-have-it-all home environments, indoors and out. With Work and Kid schedules running us around with very little time left over, it’s a No-Brainer to want your home to have all the creature comforts inside your property.

Why don’t we look at an example of a smaller space boasting similar amenities in a different 3D design. Then watch the 2 quick videos, the before and during construction phases.

Nw Hills Design


As you can see this fabulous NW Hills design all started with ideas, dreams, and a 3D DESIGN. Let’s not forget an important factor – the Landscape Company who believes in design first, Premier Backyard Living Exterior Design. We can’t rave enough about our talented designers who take your thoughts, ideas, then adding a few extra suggestions, turn your properties into masterpiece landscape designs. Yes, landscapes with just the right fit for you and your family.


Our Portfolio is full of Landscape Designs you’ll see and think, ‘I want the same thing for our backyard!’ Or go straight to the Outdoor Living Section of our website and peruse custom features. Once you have some ideas contact us for a complimentary consultation  And hey, not everyone knows what they want. Let the experts help you visualize it. The next thing you know, you’ll have your own 3D design reveal and you’ll be touring your own new landscape before it’s even built.


Thanks again friends for joining us. Don’t you think these 3D designs are amazing? And don’t forget, the Premier Backyard Living YouTube channel.  You can finds all kinds of helpful ideas watching our Outdoor Living Guy show you the future in Landscape Design.


Until Next Time, Get Outside Portland

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, 3thumbs Up for 3D!

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