Synthetic Grass – Never Mow Again

Call it Artificial Grass, Synthetic Grass, Fake Grass – You choose your favorite name for it.  We call it the perfect fit for certain homeowners – especially if you have pets or NO TIME for lawn maintenance. Hi Guys – Because you’ve requested a video on synthetic lawns AND because we highly recommend them in outdoor living designs, this video introduction answers key points for you to consider. Watch, Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy walk you through various synthetic lawns in landscapes all over Portland – where weather is a big factor – due to our rain-on-rain-off forecasts.

The video will cover:

  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Golf greens
  3. Play structures/ decks
  4. Pool sides
  5. Pet areas, reference pet friendly video
  6. Patios and courtyards
  • The Whys Have it:


No Hiring lawn Service

No Fertilizer

No High Water Bill

No Weed Pulling

No Mud Tracks


It is a beautiful earth-friendly solution for you landscape


Optimal Drainage

Controls Rodents & Other Pests



SYNLawn Golf offers – Commercial Grade golf Grass

The SYNLawn Tee Strike is able to accept Real Golf Tees

Portable Putting Greens

10 Different Grass types

Micah talks fringe around the putting green

Improves your short game

Golf course of your dreams in own backyard


  • Play Structures/Decks

Underneath Destinations

Kids Play Safe

Most injuries on playgrounds occur as the result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, holds on to heat, or has splinters – like mulch or rubber

Fall Pad Underlayment System

SYNLawn Artificial Grass with EnviroLoc & HeatBlock Technologies


  • Pool Sides

The option for turf around pool sides may create your favorite services when exiting a pool. Soft under feet without fear of scorching concrete, great place to layout while drying or even for taking a breather. During raining weather, concrete might be slippery while synthetic turf with its optimal drainage would prevent possible falls.


  • Pet areas, reference pet friendly video

We Love Our Furry Friends

Synlawn was Designed for little or BIG dogs

For Large Pet Parks or Small Pet Areas

Clean Outdoor Space

Good for Dog Runs

No More Holes to Fill or Brown Spots

Odor Controls


  • Patios and Courtyards

Varying Landscape Levels? Consider Synthetic Lawn

Micah Dennis shows off property as an example


Got Dogs?


Did we answer your questions on synthetic lawns? Show you enough turf landscape designs for ideas? May we help you design your own synthetic lawn area? Micah will meet you in your landscape to discuss your options. Complimentary Consultation

It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Easy breezy lawns get my thumbs UP! . . .


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