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Yesterday, Micah Dennis, CEO of Premier Backyard Living, (my boss) walked up to me and said, “I was reading your blog on pools” . . . Screech . . . STOP THE PRESS – WHAT? YOU WERE READING MY BLOG?

QUIT LAUGHING . . . so what if a blogger gets a bit paranoid that literally NO ONE reads her BLOG? Back at my desk, it got me thinking . . . how long have I been blogging on Backyard Landscape Design – The Last Decade? Yep. I counted and it’s been 10 years, 335 blogs . . . & many a frustrated hour plunkin’ keys to meet a deadline.  I’ve actually wondered if my death would propel my family/friends to crack open a few blogs and read ’em once I’ve passed. (typed with a smirk on my face – prob not!) But WHO CARES, right? Over the years the realization set in: I love landscape design and I was Born to Blog. Somewhere, someone is reading this ‘extraordinary info’ on backyard landscape design. (I’m sure of it – kinda-sorta!)


Tip-Toe-ing down Memory Lane . . .

10 years ago, Outdoor Living was taking baby-steps in Portland, by Guess Who? You guessed it – Premier Backyard Living. In fact, no one even knew what outdoor living was. Both landscape design and blogs have come a long-way-baby since 2009. And, for the fun of it, this blogger is stepping back-in-time to show & tell the journey. It’s a bit of a cringe-fest . . .  I was a newbie blogger – but I’ll swallow my pride & tip-toe thru  – let’s do this!


2009 . . . Where were You 10 Years Ago?

Where was I? In the Aly’s landscape adding a few finishing touches after our design/build crews finished. The Aly’s were thrilled with their new outdoor design. Cozy space for family & friends, Pergola, Gazebo, Outdoor Kitchen, Firepit with seat walls . . .

SHOW: Click image below to see this incredible Property Design from TEN years ago

TELL: 2009 blog – All info, no photos, no zing –   https://premierbackyardliving.comwp-admin/post.php?post=30574&action=edithttp://

Pergola over Outdoor Room

And in 2010 Landscaping News:

Show: Click into the CARVAJAL PROPERTY (Front Yard & Back) to see our 2010 Standout

Tell: 2010 Blog – Roof Gardens in Landscape Design –https://premierbackyardliving.comroof-gardens-in-landscape-design/


Front patio

rooftop garden

2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011 – 2011

In the Year 2011: An Old Fav of Mine – The Wilke Landscape Design

Show: Click image to see this front entrance pond built along side a river . . . she’s a beaut!

Tell: 2011 on KPTV Spotlight: https://premierbackyardliving.comparadise-restored-on-kptv-12-click-to-view-enjoy/



Front Entrance Pond Landscape


Auerbach Family Fire-time –


Outdoor Living explodes in 2012 as Premier Backyard Living welcomes a crew of fantastic landscape designers into the family.

In combination with our Fabulous Management team & crews it’s not long before we are featured in Great Backyards magazine.

And I “just kept blogging”  . . . https://premierbackyardliving.coma-favorite-before-and-after-landscape-design/

designersBetcha can’t Choose Just One

Hate to Say it Again . . . but, I can’t choose just one landscape design from 2013. Our Designers are the Best in the West!

Highlighting nature’s beauty the outdoor living elements become perfect complements.

The show’s below & the tell: https://premierbackyardliving.comoutdoor-kitchens-in-landscape-design/


backyard firepit

Cabin in the Woods with impeccable landscape design

landscape design in the woodsA Quiet Spot in the Woods

landscape design

This head shaker design is so cool . . . Perfect accent to cabin life

This landscape has a spot in my memories. The before & after images are incredible. 2014 blog: https://premierbackyardliving.comoutdoor-alcove-under-a-pergola/




2015 Bulls-Eye Landscapes

Away we Grow! Premier Backyard Living Rocks it in 2015 – Masterpiece Outdoor Living Spaces!

Blogs are coming along: https://premierbackyardliving.comoutdoor-alcove-under-a-pergola/

Show me the Money – As in Landscape Gold

This blog is sooooo hard to present 10 years of  landscape designs. Highlighting the best of the rest is tough-stuff! My choices for 2016 are:

2016 Blog on a Landscape Design with Koi Pond: https://premierbackyardliving.comlandscape-design-koi-pond-golf-putting-green-pizza-oven-firepit/

Rolling Into 2017

Loved, loved, loved this year of Landscape Designs. Loved the Homeowners, the finished work and would love to have any of these in my backyard setting!

2017 Blog: https://premierbackyardliving.comput-putting-green/


2018 – Blog & Landscape Design – A year of Skyrocketing Ideas

Blog: https://premierbackyardliving.com20-outdoor-bars-landscapes/



2019 Best Outdoor Living Sunsets!

Landscapes are known for fabulous Sunsets – Our 2019 landscape designs have some of the best.  Blog: 35 Reasons to Put a Firepit in your Backyard – https://premierbackyardliving.com35-reasons-put-firepit-backyard/

Present Day Vlogging

In the last couple years, we’ve been hitting it outta the park with our YouTube Channel. Add those videos to our blogs and portfolio, and you can see how our Homeowners get a good shot at what they want for their backyard renovations. Welcome to Premier Backyard Living: YouTube Video Channel


Whew! This ‘Then & Now’ blog has taken 10 hours of my life to write – Just Kidding!

10 years of landscapes designs. Ten years of homeowner personalities, ideas, construction, and putting on the finishing touches. Portfolio

10 years of blogs. Blogs

10 years of enjoyment.

Reach out to us . . . we’ll meet you in your backyard to help you with your design Ideas!


It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Blonde Landscape Blogger

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