Backyard Office & Family Hangout (the New Normal)

Quarantine Headquarters: Backyard Office & Family Hangout (the New Normal)  Who’d a thought we’d be living in quarantine conditions when we started this brand-new year – 2020? With our everyday freedom of movement suddenly at a standstill forcing us to exist in our homes’ living space, suddenly things got a bit crowded. Where you gonna go? Your Backyard hangout! That is what these happy homeowners did. They took living . . . outside – into a backyard office & family hangout.

Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy walks you through the start to Finish story of this positive family’s backyard makeover. He’ll ask them to reflect on the why, the experience, and how the new-normal-landscape became a social distancing outdoor home office and outdoor living space for family.

This start-to-finish landscape remodel boasts a house matching style (architecturally), paver courtyard, detached structure, fireplace wall with wood bins, outdoor kitchen and large wrap-around bar, and modern firepit with seatwall.

Man of the House:

With a new job and a further driving distance to work we began the process to buy new and move closer . . . until we discovered the real estate market could not compare to our current home. The only thing missing was an Outdoor Living space. Why not build a backyard the way we wanted? Afterall, we had a huge lawn and backyard that was virtually a dog playground. Unused, wasted space.  And now we have a Backyard Family hangout and I can’t help but think of the future with my grandkids – with some many ideas for families ahead. Pizza in my smoker, firepit fun . . . and the best part is we can enjoy it all year long.

Woman of the House:

Since the pandemic, this backyard living space became my haven every morning. I’d have my morning coffee, watch a bit of the news, make calls, read a book, watch the dogs play in the grass . . . then later in the day, happy hour in the beautiful sunshine . . .  it’s where I spent my days – my life. I didn’t feel locked into my house – the new space was ideal.

The patio area made a huge difference as before the lawn held so much water, it was always wet & muddy and the dogs tracked it all in the house.


When we moved back to Portland from Florida once covid-19 set in, we did not have a balcony and felt trapped in our apartment. Yes, we began working from our make-shift home desks but our go-to spot was heading over to Mom & Dad’s detached backyard office. It became our new-normal. The bar area provided shade or sun, outlets for cell phones and laptops, fresh air and a lunch venue. Best part? We didn’t feel cooped up inside. For two years we had been living out-of-state – away from our Parents. Once back, we did not expect to be seeing our Parents as much – until we realized the backyard workspace was where we wanted to be.

Man of the House:

The front of the house also needed an update and renovation. We added a grand-entry Arbor to match our custom front door and to give our home a central entrance.

The crew and John, the operations foreman have been wonderful to work with. Everything was kept clean; they were there on time and modify things were accomplished with ease.

Outdoor Living Guy:

Thank you for joining Premier Backyard Living for this start-to-finish remodel. We especially enjoy the people behind the projects – the relationships we build with the homeowners. These people are so cool. They love their outdoor spaces and we know you will love yours!

We are happy to answer questions – help design/build any & all unique landscape spaces or makeovers with outdoor office . . . Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? It’s pretty interesting to see the before and after photos in each one. See other backyards reversed and transformed – Think about it and we’ll talk to you soon


It’s a Wrap!

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