Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas)

Hello everyone, Micah, Outdoor Living Guy, I’m standing under a pergola in this video and my little Tuesday tip is all about Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas) – why you should have them, where you should put them, and then how you can add style to the pergola.  Enjoy these Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas):



So, we put this backyard pergola at the end of a covered structure, and you can see this covered structure features a double-sided fireplace. It the best of both worlds – inside the gazebo you can hang out underneath cover (rainy days) enjoying the ambiance of the fireplace and on nice days – a pergola in the outdoor living space allows full sun and enjoyment.

You can see we added bistro lights from the pergola to the firepit string-light poles with black hardware and black hardware as well in the rafters. It adds that elegance at an architectural level while matching their matt-black home.  Attaching a pergola to a structure these ‘Sky lifts’ attach to the top of the roof and basically hold a two-post pergola. See the video for a more defined explanation.

I definitely appreciate a pergola design for outdoor living space and recommend a pergola for landscaping.

For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio




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