Getting Your Shade On

We’ve all been there – yep, when we can’t take another minute of direct sunlight on our tender skin. Ouch – burn’t skin hurts! Where ya gonna go? We all head for Shade!  It’s good old summertime and that comes with . . . you scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream – AND SHADE!

That is probably why Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy gives us 13 Shade Solutions – ideas for Backyard Shade. Enjoy our weekly Video Blast!

Shade Solutions I Need Relief

During a long day in the hot sun – Shade Solutions are a necessity. Even for die-hard sunbathers, getting a bit of shade to cool down in is part of the protocol. This video gives options for just that – Getting Your Shade On.

The Outdoor Living guy starts us off surrounded by 13 umbrellas. 13 seems like over kill, however, umbrella shade makes sense. Babies and little old ladies need shade relief, but they are not the only ones. Over dining areas especially, umbrellas are a good idea for backyard shade. Plus, they are movable shade while adding color and fun vibes to your landscape design.

  • Moving right into a shade product Micah Dennis endorses – the EZip Shade Screen. With the push of a button you can lower and raise this shade blocker’s automatic screen. Open sesame . . .
  • There are numerous styles of these easy-does-it shade screens. Another favorite is the Shade FX – shown in one of our forest properties. They are tough sun blockers and assist with rain & water protection. Bonus, they last for years. With a little research you can find your best price point and warranty.
  • Another unique louvered pergola is an outdoor structure ‘smarter’ than Portland’s temperamental up-down weather. The push-button louvered ceiling when open allows loads of warmth and sunlight. Too much sun later in the day, close the louvered panels. Or when rain sprinkles threaten, close the louvered panels. Not only is this louvered roof system functional to the max, it’s beautifully made to last for years while being a stand-out feature in backyard landscaping ideas. By the way, the pergola has gutters to move water elsewhere . . . another nifty feature
  • And wait, there’s more . . . a cool open and close retractable louvered metal roof for sun shade or rain protection. During temperamental weather, with a push of a button, enclose this cozy nook for family gatherings.
  • We’ve all seen shade sails… popular in sunny areas and that must be the reason! Sun relief is a real thing. Shade sails look very contemporary and can go over patios, decks, pools, hammocks, or pergolas. Use two to create a cool design and to add color.
  • Think TREES. Of course, trees make some of the best shade ever. Plant trees strategically to help shade seekers find cool spots to hang out.
  • Modern Day Pool Cabanas can offer shade and lounging to shade lovers. They can be the-real-deal outdoor structures or turn a garden shed into a shade utopia. Add hinge windows for fresh air, rockers, or outdoor stools to sit, relax and cool off – call it a garden party with plenty of shade.
  • Semi-shade Pergolas are popular for a bit of sunscreen relief. They and their cousin, the Arbor, both provide a break in direct sunlight, so they became part of our ideas for backyard shade.
  • Ending up but certainly not last on our list is the automatic remote-control awning shown in the McFee property. This tropical poolscape enjoys loads of sun but even the best of us need downtime when the afternoon sun gets too intense. You’ll see Micah Dennis show the push button capability and ease of fully extended, halfway, and closed versions of this super cool awning.

Cooled Down & Motivated

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