Backyard Wildlife Habitat (Ultimate Yard for Animal and Nature Lovers)

Usually we talk to you about how you can be attracted to your outdoor space – in this video we’re going to talk to you about how we can attract wildlife into your outdoor space. About what that wildlife will do for you but also, what it will do for the ecosystem of your backyard space. It’s important for your kids to see how creating this backyard ecosystem will really benefit your family and also benefit the neighborhood.

Ways to attract wildlife to your backyard is of course – water. All animals need fresh water and there are many ways to bring water to backyards. Beautiful cascading water features, meandering brooks, even small ponds will be magnets. Water also does a great job for attracting birds to a birdbath they created from your water feature. See how they are attracted to this water feature? It’s amazing. Notice the birds are a bit apprehensive about coming close ’cause of us filming – but look at what adding a water feature to a landscape does.  It attracts so many birds and so much wildlife. Let’s watch them . . .

Backyard Bird House

Adding a backyard birdhouse is an amazing way to attract wildlife to your backyard. I would even say add two and three. Create a safe and cozy space for your birds and have a rewarding adventure. Have fun watching this inspiring life cycle of birds. When a bird nests on your property – they’ll raise their young – it’s fun to know you are responsible for a little bird family in your backyard. It is also nice to teach our kids from this. If you think about adding birdhouses – research it nd see what types of birdhouses will attract the kinds of birds you want.

Kids and Wildlife

One of the main benefits of creating a backyard wildlife habitat in your backyard is teaching your kids that man and wildlife live together and benefit one another. Backyard habitats support and encourage growth in a variety of species. If you’ve had a pond in your backyard – you realize how much wildlife it attracts. Remember spring days when frogs start to populate and a symphony begins in the backyard every night?  A pond attracts frogs – you will either love it or go crazy because of how many frogs now live in your backyard!

Koi Ponds

An instant way to bring wildlife into your backyard space is by adding a backyard koi pond or goldfish pond. This instantly brings wildlife to your exterior space. Once you put koi or goldfish in the space ithe benefits begin. Koi or goldfish have been known to relax the homeowner – stress relief at the end of the day as you head outside to relax and feed them – relaxing with nature – being at one with the outside, with wildlife. As you contemplate what to do for your backyard space, think Koi pond as it can bring nature to your backdoor and attract other wildlife.

Koi Ponds - Backyard WildlifeEarthworms & Bees? Who Knew?

Squeamish about earthworms? The benefit of earthworms in your soil will help keep everything organic while adding nutrients. Having a healthy number of worms in your backyard also fertilizes the soil. And, a new popular feature in backyards are beehives. Bring the bumblebees into your backyard with plantings for attracting them as well as butterflies – you will love being in your backyard – enjoying the wildlife – enjoying the beautiful butterflies & the bees.

Humdinger Hummingbirds

My favorite is Hummingbirds. They can be attracted by a hummingbird feeder (sugar water) throughout all seasons including winter. They love native flowers too. You can enjoy and hang out in your beautiful garden space with them.

Wildlife Critters

Uh oh, let’s not forget one of the most entertaining of wildlife critters to invite into your backyard space – the beloved squirrel and you can love ’em or they can drive you crazy depending on what your backyard environment is most set for.  A typical bird feeder might be extremely hard if not impossible to keep the squirrels away from. In the Forest property, the homeowner set up two squirrel feeders. It’ fun to be able to watch from the window as they are incredibly agile and able to find ways to get through even difficult obstacle courses.

Going Batty over Bats

Another popular way to attract wildlife to your backyard (a little bit controversial) is building a bat house. Why would you ever want to build a bat house in your backyard? There are many benefits to bringing a few bats to your backyard. First – bats love to eat mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love to eat humans. Even one little Brown bat can eat over 1000 mosquitoes in one night! They are also fascinating to watch as the sun begins to go down. You begin seeing flashes of shadows in the evenings.

That’s A Wrap!

So wasn’t it fun to talk about all the different ways we can attract wildlife to our backyard space? Thanks for joining us.

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