Covered Structures In Landscapes


Covered Outdoor Kitchen

4 Seasons Covered Outdoor Kitchen Hi Guys – as promised I told you I was going to feature a little covered outdoor kitchen. Tah-dah, a 4 Seasons Covered Outdoor Kitchen. The video starts with a little kitchenette that features a small, covered structure. 4 seasons BBQ is something many people are interested in. A destination spot with a covered area

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Patio Covers

Max-info on Patio Covers We’re talking – Best Outdoor Patio Covers (top 7 design ideas) Ready to get max-info on Patio Covers for your outdoor space? We are pumped-up to show off the Best Outdoor Patio Covers (top 7 design ideas) in this video. You will find loads of information and property photos showing off the Best Outdoor Patio Covers

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First: What’s a Breezeway? Wikipedia: A breezeway is a simple roof connecting two structures (such as a house & garage or a house & gazebo); similar to a hallway that allows the passage of a breeze, provides shelter or adds aesthetic design. The Gibson family wanted shelter from Portland rain when traversing from backdoor to gazebo as well as heading

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