Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor String Lights Ideas

LIGHT UP YOUR OUTDOOR NIGHTLIFE Hey everybody, Micah the Outdoor Living Guy here with another Tuesday tip for you. Today’s tip is on Bistro Lights and Outdoor String Lights Ideas! In the video, you’ll see outdoor string lights attached to a covered structure and swinging out over to a fire pit destination. The real tip is “the posts for string

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Small Backyard Ideas

Wanna take a ‘Small Backyard Ideas’ Adventure? Let’s Go! Creating Cozy: Here’s a fun idea! Create a cozy-corner fireplace-nook.  This wrap around the firepit with built in seat walls utilizes this corner space to perfection. Small backyards are inherently cozy, unless they lack rhythm or rhyme. The clean lines of this design has plenty of rhythm, renewing the tired corner, it

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting – Creating an “I Wanna Go Out Outdoors” Feeling Why Landscape Lighting? Easy. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane. ‘Remember the old days’ when people stood inside and looked out at their yards? (ha! . . . this old blogger does) Yards were neatly maintained by the Mom’s of the house, played in by kids –

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Landscape Lighting Portland

What good does a landscape do if you aren’t able to enjoy it round the clock? A well-designed landscape lighting plan can make sure that your landscape is in the spotlight when the sun goes down. In fact, some aspects of your landscape may even take on a special beauty at night. Landscape lighting also increases the safety of your

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