Shading Screens


Backyard Shade

Getting Your Shade On We’ve all been there – yep, when we can’t take another minute of direct sunlight on our tender skin. Ouch – burn’t skin hurts! Where ya gonna go? We all head for Shade!  It’s good old summertime and that comes with . . . you scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream – AND

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Backyard Awnings

Some Like it Hot – Others Do Not It goes without saying, Summer Time is Fun Time. Hey, wait a minute . . . not everyone likes sizzlin’ hot weather. As snow-birds can attest, extreme temps can be too hot to handle. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies for backyard fun means providing escape from hours of

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Eclipse E-Zip Shading Screen

Eclipse E-Zip Shading Screen – Video & Info Hi Guys! Premier Backyard Living loves outdoor living in all its glory. The fire and water features, cozy-comfy lounging spaces, fun-foods al fresco. Included in all the ambiance are ways to enhance your experience by protecting you from harmful UV rays. This product review showcases the Eclipse E-Zip Shading Screen, solar protection

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