Deck | Patio Cover | Outdoor Kitchen

Deck | Patio Cover | Outdoor Kitchen (before & after)

Hi Guys – we’ve had many comments saying we always show-off our big roomy backyard designs – of course we do – but we love ‘em all – small, medium & large. Today, we’re showing off a little-slice-of-a-backyard-deck that we turned into a roomy haven with plenty of go-to areas. Isn’t that what outdoor living is all about, creating spots to go outside to? Wait until you see how they changed an unused strip of deck into another big room of their house – a place where each family member could escape to.


Before to After Ideas

As you look over the before photos, what design would you choose? An outdoor structure? Good one- Check! An outdoor kitchen area? That’s a must have -Check! 2-sided Fireplace wall? Check, in fact, let’s give that idea 2 thumbs up! (It’s a great idea because being able to see through it – you visually gain extra length) And extra space is what this backyard deck needs.

The detached covered structure works so well here turning the narrow deck into a just-the-right fit living area. We know Micah Dennis, the outdoor living guy, encourages detached structures 1) anything to get the family further outside and 2) detaching it from the home allows extra light under the structure. See how the spa sits in the corner – fully exposed – to daytime & nighttime sky? – exactly right for star gazing.  Having a Fiberon composite deck one side of the living space is the perfect medium for the above-ground hot tub. Soakers can climb in & out onto wood decking that absorbs water better – pop into the house if necessary – or drip-dry on the stools at the spa-side bar table. Grabbing appetizers, they can watch the game and then pop back into the spa to soak.

You Choose Your Family Favorites

Remember when I asked you to choose what design feature you would put in the before backyard – many of you probably thought – food – grill – kitchen – right? Well from the beginning of time “We love Eating Outside” – an outdoor kitchen is a no brainer. Yes, here it’s 10 feet from the indoor kitchen but we all know popping back inside to get ONE MORE THING gets-old-fast. Having essentials at your fingertips makes it more enjoyable – especially for chefs while entertaining. We’ve added a kitchen bar here too – adding 4 extra seats for appetizers & game day or putt-putt playoffs. Having the mini-golf feature adds fun and a cohesive flow to the backyard design.

Foodies – Sports Bingers – Soakers – Golfers?

Did you ever imagine an outdoor living structure with so many features could be added to the little slice of deck we saw in the beginning? What about that fireplace, eh? A TV over the double-sided fireplace can be viewed from the bar, the spa and the living room a super cozy under shelter retreat . . . but let’s not discount the private spot for two on the other side of the fireplace wall – both areas enjoy the warmth & ambiance.

A large dining table and synthetic lawn brighten up this side of the deck, and at the far end, a dog run for an especially important member of the family.  Now for extra fun, a slate stairway climbs to the second story hangout – a firepit lounge area. What a great spot to top off the day – a view firepit at the top level – experiences like these are unmeasurable – And that’s how a little slice of deck became this families roomy haven with memories for a lifetime.

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