Back by popular demand let’s review a project video we finished last year – “Small Modern Backyard” – ‘cuz apparently, YouTube watchers wanted a more in-depth walk-thru of this property. Design my Backyard is what we specialize in at Premier Backyard Living Landscaping & Exterior Design. The Fishel Family worked with our design team to turn their plain-jane backyard into a modern backyard utopia. They had specific must-haves. We knew how to help them. This is the success story.

The Do-Over

Which country has the most construction equipment? U-crane.

Ha! This crane installation of the Fishel’s pizza oven is great! We applaud their decision to choose a ‘big-guy’ pizza-oven-of-a-lifetime. Imagine outdoor wood-fire-pizza anytime, morning, noon or night? Always when friends gather, but also, everyday-anyday for family pizza pie!  But the big question is: When was the last time, if ever, you heard of a crane delivering a pizza oven into a backyard? We are still shaking our heads.

Got Blog? Ya think? Twice a week for 10 Years . . .

Yes, we blog. After-all, homeowners become our friends and their landscapes a part of our blood, sweat, & tears – together. We enjoy sharing our Design My Backyard success stories.

We know you would enjoy meeting the Fishel family, we did! Coming to Portland from California, they had definite plans for their new PDX lifestyle, growing a family and building their future backyard. In the design plan, a pizza oven was at the top of the list, and boy, did they ever choose a doozy.

A new backyard, a new family . . . a new future.  Get a bit more info in the blog . . . Best Backyard Pizza Oven

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