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We’re not putting the cart before the horse this time. ‘Front Yards’ are breaking out as the new star and pushing ‘backyards’ to understudy. Not all homes are created equal. Some have front yard outdoor spaces. And yet, we drive by them everyday, front yards begging for a makeover. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas will show & tell the makeover journey of 6 Front Yards. But first, let’s take a Front Yard video left-turn . . .

Front Yard Living

The Whitaker Property design plan stretched out the area for usable living space. It was especially important with the enormous hillside and sloped driveway taking up a large portion of the property. Part of the makeover, two patio spaces, one for the outdoor living room and a second for a dining space added clean lines to the naturescape.

It’s all about the Front, ’bout the Front, not the backyard

Starting from scratch so to speak these 5 landscape designs take each property on a 360 degree turn to come full circle to Paradise.

Contemporary Country Bliss

The Kim Property 2016, is a contemporary Farm-scape where nature’s immense beauty captivates. Where rolling hills, blue skies, and spacious fields frame a contemporary farmland design. The cool, clean lines compliment the peaceful surroundings.


This gorgeous Northwest estate’s front yard landscape design, the Talwalker Property, is as unique as the magnificent home it is planned around. What makes it so perfect? Everything. The reflection pond is a show-stopper. Magnificent. The lawn is perfection. The side yard patio has a bubbler water feature, dining area and bench seats for reflection. Outside the library, a private retreat is a go to for serenity. Impeccable . . . Doesn’t look quite real, huh?

Grand Entrance

The Wilke Property is full of charm and character like the beautifully renovated farmhouse it features. Enjoying many seasons of river views from their back landscape, these amazing homeowners wanted a grand entrance to their oasis. And grand it is. Turning into the long drive approaching the home, a stunning water feature and pond. With so many spectacular design elements, this landscape immediately draws you in.

Urban Chic

A multi-story modern property in an active urban setting. It presented a challenge due to the limited outdoor space and close proximity to neighbors. Repetition of horizontal lines tricks the eye and makes the space seem larger. Incorporating wood and concrete seating in front turns a small side yard in front into an additional destination. The family can now enjoy this space and interact with the neighbors. Originally, the main entry was fully exposed and in an area with significant foot traffic. The clients were looking for a more screening to be able to shelter the view from the street and safely have packages delivered. The design solution was to extend the porch and introduce a raised planter with evergreen shrubs. Over time the plants selected will invite seclusion.

Private Retreat Up Front

In this landscape utopia, the Grove Property is a dream paradise in front and backyards. Imagine you and your guests escaping into it’s calming presence. Front yard, a private retreat of it’s own – a destination place for street watching, good conversations, reverie.

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  1. January 28, 2020 at 1:49 am

    Great ideas! And some of them are simply gorgeous. Particularly loved the private retreat upfront. It takes careful planning – from the doors to flooring and to decoration items – to create a space that’s comfortable, yet chic.

    • January 29, 2020 at 10:16 am

      Whoop! Your positive words feel so good to hear. You are right in your chosen words – comfy, yet chic . . . our favorite! Thank you!

  2. February 5, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Love this! Always appreciate a well written article.