Innovative Strategies for Retaining Walls

How to Handle Slopes in your Landscaping . . . Retaining walls. Yes, but there are other ways to handle slopes in you landscape. You will be surprised at how interesting and important these retaining wall methods can be.

The primary purpose of these sturdy structures is to prevent soil erosion and effectively hold back earth on sloped landscapes. They are usually made with masonry, stone, or concrete; however, we are going to show some other methods that are innovative and very effective. This video will give you some useful outdoor living ideas for retaining walls and sloped landscapes. The Before & After projects may provide a solution for some spot in your landscape.

Pretty impressive methods of retaining earth, eh?

Let’s recap the methods Micah, the Outdoor Living Guy explained:

1) Retaining Wall Method – Tandem/Belgard on entryway-stairway 4 ft. retaining wall.

2) Waterfall Retaining Wall Method – Extreme Slope – The waterfall masks the slope

3) Kitchen, Fireplace & Stairway Retaining Wall Method – the built wall/stairway become part of the security

4) Hot Tub Method – Swim-Spa & Deck become the retaining wall

5) Seatwall w/Backrest becomes the retaining wall method

6) Built-up wall to foundation elevation – becomes retaining wall

7) Pathway & Boulder Steps & Hot tub – retaining wall

8) Outdoor Kitchen becomes retaining wall

9) Boulders & Plantings style to retain soil from erosion

It’s all in the Design

As the video brought out, the first thing to consider is how to handle sloped landscapes. That said, go to the experts – the designers. They know landscape design and have worked with all kinds of sloped properties. During a Complimentary Consultation  you’ll be amazed at the quick ideas they’ll bring up as solutions to your sloped landscape.

Sloped Landscape Solutions

Six More Savvy Slope Solutions

Oh but we have so many more . . . Our Portfolio is loaded with retaining walls and sloped landscape solutions for your perusal.

It’s a Wrap!

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