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Everyone’s taking it outside! Picking out the best Landscape Design for their backyard space in every size, style, and feature imaginable. Outdoor living has become another room of the house in a BIG way. Some keep the aesthetic flowing from indoors to out, some change it up. It all starts with a landscape design plan. In this category, Premier Backyard Living Exterior Design is hands-above-the-rest. We know Landscape Design inside-out . . . wait a second, I’m getting off track boasting about our designers. Pictures speak louder than words, right? Check out the design plans for the Kamrat Property. Does it look like a landscape you could live in?

“Haha, Fooled You!” – This is a Reveal!

This landscape reveal is called: Relaxation Backyard Transformation | How to Create a Landscape to LIVE IN and now that we’ve shown you the initial design plans, we are anxious to show-off the before, the during, and . . . the after.

Thanks Outdoor Living Guy

You take our don’t-know-what-to-do-with my-yard and give us ideas. It’s pretty amazing – hard to watch this transformation without thinking – “I want another room added to my house -outdoors!” Imagine the years of good living you’d have in an outdoor living space. Like this sauna and hot tub pairing. One, two or both in the same night. Nice way to relax after a long day. Maybe a glass of vino on the upper lawn to enjoy the garden. Hungry, grab some appetizers while the grill’s getting hot. Or join friends for a tête-à-tête around the firepit with soothing sounds from the water feature. Whoops, almost forgot to boast about the louvered pergola. Like the push of a button? This open-close feature on a covered structure is a sure winner.

Reveal #3 – Put to Bed

Join us for many more reveals in 2020. They are each fascinating with their before and after stories – each different and yet they all share a life changing way of living. Truly incredible.

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