TRENDS in 2020 Mirror Yesteryear

If you’re looking for Landscape Design Trends in 2020 – get ready for information-overload. Much is the same as good ol’ 2019 with emphasis on a few things. As we identify those, take a good look at what kind of landscape design matches your personality. Yours and your family’s. Identify your Must-Haves. It will keep you from getting lost in the mass of Already-Done ideas & projects. Our portfolio alone has over 140 landscape design remodels. Once you have all those cool images in your mind, indecision can scatter your ‘best-outside-life-ever’ plans.

Think about what inspires You. Do you have a favorite backyard memory? What truly makes You happy when you head outdoors? Do you love a quiet space near water? Does food and fun with friends trick-your-outside-trigger? Love laughing with family around a fire? Do you need kid activities or teen areas? Analyze what elements in a landscape are Uniquely You. Okay, let’s get trending . . .

minimalist Outdoor SpacesTrend #1 Effortless Upkeep and Simple Beauty

front yard minimalist2020 is trending toward more sleek and minimalist outdoor spaces, where nature is the main attraction and furnishings play the supporting role. Clean-lined, simple pieces keep the focus on: enjoying outdoor serenity, the sun/wind on your face, and the company of good friends.

The trend is very light weight. A modern look and feel with natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing.

But is that your style? If you select a contemporary aesthetic, is it one you’ll easily follow through with? Or do you need more cush? Ultimately, you’re inherent-style-guru will guide you to identify if a simple motif rings true to your outdoor personality. Like these beauties . . .

lounge area in backyard livingTrend #2)  Lounging Outside in a Comfort-fest

Are you more eclectic, traditional, theme oriented? Sofas, comfortable chairs, throw cushions and outdoor rugs will be top-trends for patios and outdoor living in 2020 as well. The decor may be house-matching or a complete alternative to your indoor living style. It’s all about cozy, snug, livable. The design plan makes up the bones of the property so include features you can enjoy for years.

Take this family’s outdoor space. They love to spend time with friends & neighbors. In the last decade, they’ve made many changes to their existing landscape. They’ve taken out the wading pool in the spa & swimming pool area. Remodeled the outdoor kitchen to be more efficient during meal prep. Added a long, useful outdoor bar with plenty of bar stools and recently, a disappearing shade screen to their covered structure.(See trend #4) For the man of the yard – an outdoor sauna. Now after a long day, he can Relax & Reload during sauna-time. See the property. Looks pretty fun, don’t you think? (We’ll be showing off new renovations in early this spring)

sport court in landscapesDog-Run - turfTrend #3) Low Maintenance Doesn’t Mean Boring

putting green in landscapeIt’s your Oasis .  . . your relax zone. That is why low maintenance lawns will be all the rage this year.  Turn your mowing chores into zero-maintenance turf zones or dog-runs for easier clean up. Ask your landscape designer about some turf options. Also, basketball courts and putting greens provide fun activities for all ages. Clean lines, design plan perfection, and get-outside activity is an all-round winner.

One ingenious family, the Bonagels’, used turf on one side yard for a kids soccer run and turf on the other side yard for a dog-run. Nice use for both narrow spaces and zero mowing in tight corners. Side yards can also be used for golf practice, yours and your friends. Pop into the Hirselj property to see how he set his backyard up. Fun times in both spaces.

Interested in a sports court? Here’s a quick video that might help you decide on one . . .

Movie Screen in LandscapeTrend #4) Disappearing Screens & Shade Awnings

A couple more 2020 landscape trends add convenience at the push of a button. We all seem to thrive in natural outdoor elements so why not take our indoor favorites – outside with us? Like home TV Screens . . . seen in the DuChene property’s Outdoor Living Space. Take a few seconds to watch the screen descend, then view the remote controlled set-up as the screen tucks up and disappears. This poolscape property is gorgeous – check out the must-see video . . .

Retractable Awnings are sweet shade when needed. They save food and skin while allowing guests to be part of the action! Tour the McFee property as well as enjoy the view from above in the McFee video. Their push-button awning has 3 stages of shade. Crazy!

Remember the retractable screen we mentioned? The Eclipse EZIP is a must-see too! Check it out below. Retractable screens can become a life-changer for those wanting to enjoy their outdoor spaces come Spring or come Fall.


Outdoor Kitchen BarTrend #5) Unique Lighting & Smart Technology

Sleek, minimalist lighting will be all the rage in 2020. This lighting illuminates pathways while keeping the lighting hidden, softening the design elements in your outdoor area. LED lights hidden under sidewalks and patio spaces help guests unfamiliar with your pathways get from one place to another safely. Essentially, the lighting enhances the curves and texture of design, boosting the look and creating safety and visibility for guests and family.

Lights placed under landscape structures, floating structures, will be appealing as well in 2020. This naturally creates the illusion of floating steps, benches or bridges. Light fixtures will be about looking architectural versus traditional – illuminating what’s important and striking about the design.

High-tech push button features are also the rage. Being able to control your backyard conditions from work or in your vehicle is super cool and practical. A far cry from clap-on/clap off lights of 1985. We all remember the clapper from decades ago!

The Restorative Effects of Being In Nature

blog imageMany 2020 trends point to getting closer to nature and allowing for a more thoughtful way of life.  As we step into a new decade, young and old alike need to Relax and Refortify. Take it outside into a beautiful outdoor space design uniquely for You.

Two blogs that may help, Outdoor Living Designs – Why Important?       Backyard Landscape Design – The Last Decade

Micah Dennis, CEO, Premier Backyard Living LandscapingWhatever your style is, we can help you enjoy more of it – Outdoors

Premier Backyard Living will keep you current on design trends year-round. Each week you can look forward to new and informative videos on our YouTube Channel. Micah Dennis, is pretty fun while giving great outdoor living info. You’ll learn a lot, see hundreds of ideas and keep your style current.

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    I agree. We are definitely seeing the trend in LED lighting. So is a friend of mine with a pool company.

    • January 7, 2020 at 1:40 pm

      Thanks for the thumbs up about the lighting . . . it does make all the difference in spending time outdoors at night! Take care & thx for dropping in.