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With so many of us being Dog-Lovers and Premier Backyard Living being Outdoor Living–Lovers it makes sense to provide a Dog-Friendly-Backyard blog to show off solutions to dogscape your landscape. Landscaping Ideas for Dogs should help homeowners/petowners find solutions to the 3 big issues: Doggie Clean-up, Paw Print Insanity, Messy-Muddy Lawns

Artificial GrassWe all love being outdoors, and the family dog wants to be a part of the action. After-all our dogs are part of the family and we want to enjoy each season with pets included. This may seem like a compromise of aesthetics, however, you might be pleasantly surprised at how some of these solutions provide convenience with just the right look.

By seeing some landscaping ideas for dogs, you’ll be able to visualize and prepare the space that fits your families’ lifestyle best – all while accommodating your pets needs.

We’ve all seen homeowner choices to let their dogs have free run of the back yard. However, this can lead to the challenge of messy, muddy lawns with holes dug in flower beds and entrenched doggie pathways. We hope to offer a few dog-friendly landscaping ideas as a compromise. Here is the Outdoor Living Guy talking dog-friendly outdoor living spaces:

Doggie Run with Vertical Plant Wall

Synthetic turf doggie runs are super convenient and easy to clean up. The Gibsons’ wanted to give their pets a place to get out the wiggles, do their business while containing it to one space. A vertical plant wall is placed opposite the office window as both a privacy screen from neighbors view-window as well as a pleasant nature-effect for desk-bound homeowners.

Fence the People . . . Dogs Run Free

Fun Switch to outdoor dynamics – a dog-run makes up the entire backyard with the people space . . . fenced in.  When the canine-loving Martinez family invite their friends for a barbecue, their pets are invited too. While they enjoy life inside the fence – the dogs can hang together with free rein of the yard. Note the natural grass, concrete stepping stones and river rock in dog area.

Dog Run Area is Spacious W/Easy Access

The James’ Duo love to open the sliding back door to allow their puppy access to the green grass of his home. With two stairways to arrive to the grassy space, the yard is big and inviting for tag or catch – and for dog needs.

Cedar Chips Work Well Too

The Hauskin’s chose cedar-chips to get the job done in a seemingly unusable space – the side of the house. It’s perfect for a dog run. They also added a little slice of synthetic grass near the dining area for extra dog-romping. What do you think?


Installing hardscape in portions of the yard offers low-maintenance for years while minimizing wear and tear on lawns and messy dog-digging. Materials like concrete pavers, bricks, and stones hold up and are easy to clean-up. If your dog has some favorite digging spots, add river rock or stone to the beds. They drain well and look beautiful. We call them dog friendly, however, dog preventing might be a better term.

Here was a perfect solution to prevent a couple of diggety-doggies from destroying a backyard. Synthetic turf was put in and doggie clean-up became a breeze after exhausting work-days . .  who wants to scoop-poop? And yet, these two excitable, yet to be trained puppies, loved to dig in the flower beds and no plant was safe. Firewood and plastic was used until the river-rock solution was created. Tall pots where no dog could paw through and large river rock was chosen. With the help of a couple g-kids, we went to work . . . to create a dog-friendlier space. Nice before & after, eh?

Muddy Paw Prints

Need a paw print solution? Muddy Backyard Fix?  Yellow lawn spots/burns? Synthetic grass might be the answer. Synlawn for a Dog Friendly Yard: Beautifully Green, Pet Stay Clean, Optimal Drainage, Odor Control, Rodent and other Pest Control. Ask the experts – Micah Dennis or your Premier Backyard Living Designer for the canine-friendly details.

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