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Backyard Water Features

Backyard Water Features-

Looking for ideas for Backyard Water Features in Landscape Design? Your search is over. We believe Water Features are a must-have when designing your Landscape. They come in many variations and create a special ambiance.  Ponds, waterfallsbubblers, reflection pools, infinity pots, spaspools . . . whew, so many kinds to choose from. Do you want to add a touch of tranquility to your landscape? Or does your family enjoy relaxing in water? Good questions to ask yourself.

It’s no secret that water features in landscapes are ultra soothing and help you de-stress. They also help to reduce traffic noise by replacing it with sounds of trickling water. Waterfalls enhance the beauty of your property while increasing its value. Combine it with a pool or spa and you create landscape utopia. We know you’ll enjoy the juxtaposition in these landscape designs.

They encourage nature to put on a show. Birds flock to a Backyard Water Feature for a quick drink or bath. Frogs are a welcome visitor and put on a nightly symphony, the kids will love looking for them. Your own dog will become a frequent visitor of your Backyard Waterfall to investigate what new scent he can smell and chase away a squirrel, bird, or another visitor.

Backyard Waterfalls have re-circulating water that cascades over natural rock formations into a Garden Pond. They are perfect for homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a backyard stream or any water right out the backdoor in the garden or Outdoor Living Space.

We strongly recommend thinking of the space before installing a Backyard Water Feature of any kind. We can help think though the space with you. Our designers are well trained in Backyard Water Features and understand how they blend in to the Landscape, add a destination to a garden spot, and how they can add a lot to an Outdoor Living Space. 

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Properties Featuring Water Features

Nguyen Property Happy Valley

Nguyen Property

Happy Valley

Peterson Property West Linn

Peterson Property

West Linn, Oregon

Morrow Property Portland

Waterfall in Landscape

Morrow Property


Coffee Property Camas

Waterfall Water feature with Step-over Pathway

Coffee Property


Water Features. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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