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Lean To Patio Cover

Lean To Patio Cover ‘s are an excellent solution to providing covered space for dining and entertainment in a landscape design, but come with a lower overhead than larger structures do to a reduced physical size and the cost of materials that are required to build such a structure.

Depending on your needs, a Lean To Patio Cover could be anywhere from 10′ – 14′ in dimensions and have a mild slope to a steep pitch for the roof, allowing rain and snow to slide off in the winter months and provide adequate protection in the covered area for year round barbecue and family events.

Often because of their size and nature, a Covered Lean-To is also very budget & “build-time” friendly because of less need in the area of permits and inspections, making them a quick and less costly, but still a great addition to any home or property looking to add year-round outdoor entertaining to their lifestyle.

Properties Featuring Covered Lean-To’s

Swigart Property Beaverton, Or

Swigart Property

Beaverton, Or

auerbach Property Portland

Auerbach Property

Portland Or

Gilbert Property NE Portland

Gibson Property

North East Portland

Boudreaux Property Vancouver. Wa

Boudreaux Property


Auerbach Property Portland

Auerbach Property


Kelsey Vancouver, Wa

Kelsey Property

Vancouver, Wa

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