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Custom Fence (s) for privacy or aesthetics can be hard to come by in an urban setting, but Premier Backyard Living has you covered with a wide selection of custom fencing solutions, from absolute privacy to decorative panels that add private areas or shield unsightly objects or areas from view.

Let our experienced Custom Fence Designers and Custom Fence installers help you out. If you want a simple cedar fence it may be wise to look elsewhere. Premier Backyard Living is known for beautiful custom work. That would always start with a design of the Fence, taking into consideration the architecture of the home, the overall look and style of the Outdoor Living Space, the pet needs, and the privacy needs of the space.

A Custom Fence, while it may seem arbitrary and mostly a functional piece of a property, can actually be a very valuable element in a landscape design, adding dimensions and context to many areas where previously there was none.

Custom Cedar and fur fences in all styles, if left untreated, will naturally age and gain a Northwestern rustic style, complementing the colors and landscape elements of your property. Alternatively, these fences and panels can be professionally  treated with a variety of outdoor finishes to match an existing structure or style, or for durability and longevity.

Take a look at our Portfolio and see for yourself the value of hiring a company that focuses on getting it right with good design first, then after everyone agrees on the design a company that has Master Carpenters on staff to carry out the design.

Properties Featuring Custom Fencing

Gibson Property Portland

Landscape Design

Gibson Property


Remy Property North Portland

Remy Property

North Portland

Morrow Property Portland, OR

Waterfall in landscape

Morrow Property

Portland, OR

Plew Property Portland

Plew Property

Portland Or

Watson Property Portland, Or

outdoor bar

Watson Property

Portland, OR

Shepley PropertyPortland, Or

Shepley Property

Portland, Or

Custom Fence. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Custom Fencing