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Happy Valley Landscaping

Happy Valley Landscaping

Happy Valley is a beautiful place to live. It has rolling hills and stunning views of the Valley and Mount Hood. This family oriented city has excellent schools and fun-filled parks. The location is a perfect distance from Downtown Portland, Oregon.

We love the City of  Happy Valley. This is why our business is located here. Also, the owner of Premier Backyard Living lives in Happy Valley and knows it very well.

Over the years, Premier Backyard Living Landscaping & Exterior Design has created spectacular Outdoor Living Spaces and Landscapes here. Our experience working in Happy Valley has taught us about the homes, neighborhoods, sloped properties, and soil conditions.

We are so familiar with landscape Design/Build in Happy Valley, we want to touch on some of the Design Dilemmas:

Sloped Landscapes:

The key to Sloped Landscapes is in creating the most usable space possible. This usually requires retaining methods that if not done correctly they become ugly rigid walls or landscape eyesores. We recommend hiding retaining walls within the landscape. Usually in transition spaces from one space to the next. Notice the Photos above to see how we accomplished this.

Soil Conditions:

Clay soil is present in Happy Valley properties. It drains poorly and as a result becomes tightly compacted. This prevents oxygen and water from passing through to water the plants. Work with the soil by amending and using plant life that thrives in clay soil.


Happy Valley is known for poor drainage. When it rains the clay soil does not collect the water. Water always flows downhill in the easiest route possible. It also looks for a low spot to collect and turns into a marshy swamp. Many times it settles next to your home or in the lawn where your Kids and Pets play. Installing a French Drain can help tremendously. The basic concept behind a French drain is to provide an easy channel for water to flow through, diverting the water to where you want it to go.

Happy Valley Landscape Drone Video

New Homes

Many Homes in Happy Valley are new construction homes. Of course, the inside designs are fresh and innovative with warranties in place. However, the outsides of these new homes can end up being done very inexpensively. Builders may have very small budgets for the landscape portion of the project with many only landscaping the front yard.

Quality Products & Property Preparation

Premier Backyard Living does NOT work for builders as budgets for the last part of a property design often demands use of cut-rate materials. On top of that, time spent to properly prepare the soil or space for longevity is not a consideration.

Our Recommendation

This does not represent every builder but is a noteworthy concern. We recommend Premier Backyard Living to assist with the Design and Installation of the entire Outdoor Space. In this way, you can be assured to get the highest quality product.

Premier Backyard Living knows Happy Valley. We live here – work here- play here. We know the neighborhood and the people. Let us help you with your Outdoor Space.

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Happy Valley Landscaping Properties

Ruesh Property Happy Valley

Happy Valley Landscaping

Ruesh Property

Happy Valley

Nicole Ct Happy Valley

Happy Valley Landscaping

Nicole Ct

Happy Valley

Shriver Happy Valley

Shriver Property

Happy Valley

Lance Ct Happy Valley

Happy Valley Landscaping

Lance Ct

Happy Valley

Happy Valley Landscaping!. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Happy Valley Landscaping
Waterfall flows down hillside into pool with hidden slide