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Outdoor Fireplaces with its crackling, warming, mesmerizing fire is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening.

Fire, is a visible and tangible source of comfort to us. We love everything about it: the warmth, the beauty of its flames, and the pleasant wood-burning smells.

Most Importantly Outdoor Fireplaces add an element of Nature we all seem to respond to. The dance of the flames captivates and relaxes. We are drawn to the ambiance. Is it any wonder why fireplaces complete outdoor living spaces?

Adding an Outdoor Fireplace to your Outdoor Living Space can turn a view from a window into a main destination for family and friends in the Landscape, under your covered structure, near your outdoor kitchen. Even if your Outdoor Fireplace is standing alone on your Paver Patio, or by a simple waterfeature, you will definitely be pulled out from indoor to the outdoor to enjoy the warmth and the dancing flames.

We have been Designing and building Outdoor Fireplaces as part of our Outdoor Living Spaces since 1995. We are confident that you will find something that helps inspire you to make an Outdoor Fireplace a reality in your back yard.

Premier Backyard Living enjoys designing Outdoor Fireplaces for all styles and size of properties.

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Prices very with the Design or Style of the Outdoor Fireplace. Here is an article describing the cost of an Outdoor Fireplace. It would  still be a good idea to reach out to us and we can give ball park pricing over the phone or we could even come to your home for a free consultation.

Outdoor Fireplace

Properties Featuring Fireplaces

Reusch Happy Valley

Two sided Fireplace wall


Happy Valley

Washington Property Vancouver

Two sided Fireplace wall



Nicole Court Happy Valley

Wood Burning Fireplace

Nicole Court

Happy Valley

Schmidt West Linn

Gazebo & area rug


West Linn

Rosson Portland

Fireplace with TV in Landscape



Smith Lake Oswego

football outdoors


Lake Oswego

Outdoor Fireplaces. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Outdoor Fireplaces