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Outdoor Hot Tub -It feels amazing to soak in an Outdoor Hot Tub, but the final decision on whether you should buy a Custom Spa or a Outdoor Hot Tub purchased from a store shouldn’t depend solely on what feels amazing or looks good. Your choice should be based on and answers to a few simple questions. What’s your budget? What returns on your investment do you seek—more family time, better health, pain relief, or all three?

We all deserve the comfort and relaxation an Outdoor Hot Tub can bring. The therapy alone will have an immediate impact on your health and well-being, leaving you wondering how you ever lived without one! There is also the social aspect of a Hot Tub. They brings family’s and friends together to enjoy the benefits of the Outdoor Spa experience. They get us out of our home away from our electronic devices and out in nature. Imagine a cold clear night under the stars with your loved ones, your friends, or taking in the night sky by yourself. Sounds like a slice of heaven…..

Pairing an Outdoor Hot Tub with an Outdoor Living Space, Outdoor Fireplace, Covered Outdoor Living area, firepit, or an outdoor shower area will help them integrate with other elements in the Outdoor Living design. Make sure to have the right placement for the above ground Hot Tub. If you put it in the wrong place this can have a major impact on the overall flow and look of the Outdoor Living Space. One of our Outdoor Hot Tub designers can help with this.

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Properties Featuring Outdoor Hot Tub ‘s

Edelbergh Property Lake Oswego

spa in landscape

Edelbergh Property

Lake Oswego, OR

Anderson Property NW Portland

spa in landscape

Anderson Property

SW Portland

Predovic Property NW Portland

Tigard Landscape

Predovic Property

NW Portland

Coffey Property Camas, WA

Landscape Design

Coffey Property

Camas, WA

Jaekel Property Beaverton, OR

spa in landscape

Jaekel Property

Beaverton OR

Washington Property Vancouver

spa in landscape

Washington Property

Vancouver, WA

Outdoor Hot Tub. Design It. Install It. Enjoy!

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Outdoor Hot Tub