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Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Many modern home feature amazing Kitchen Bars. If you have one or have been invited over to a home that features one, you will agree that everyone loves the Kitchen Bar. Its is actually hard to move people into a different spot in the home.

The Outdoor Kitchen Bar is the same. It quickly becomes the most exciting place to be in the Outdoor Living Space. Your guests will come to the back yard, take a seat at the bar and start snacking on some goodies. Then more guests come over but guess what? Everyone stays at the Outdoor Kitchen Bar. Even the purses, the chip bags, all of the items that your guest brings ends up enjoying a spot at the Outdoor Kitchen Bar. It is exactly what the indoor Kitchen Bar is- the central place to be.

Outdoor Kitchen Bars are made to compliment or integrate with an Outdoor Kitchen, or for use as a secondary seating and entertaining area within your landscape design, Outdoor Kitchen Bars are great for entertaining guests, small parties and events, or for enjoying some relaxation on a late summer evening.

Both functional and beautifully designed, our Outdoor Kitchen Bar areas come in all flavors, sizes, and uses. From a simple 2 person sitting area next to the firepit, to a full bar with seating, storage cabinets, appliances, plumbing, and heat.

We’ve designed and built it all, implementing all the modern conveniences available to create the most functional Outdoor Kitchen Bars possible.

Why you need an Outdoor Bar

Properties Featuring Outdoor Kitchen Bars

Meyers Property Camas, Wa

Ingound spa

Meyers Property

Camas, Wa

Jaekel Property Beaverton

outdoor living Landscape

Jaekel Property

Beaverton Oregon

Brehm Property Tualatin

outdoor kitchen landscape design

Brehm Property


Reusch Property Happy Valley

bars in landscapes

Ruesch Property

Lake Oswego, OR

Roth Property Lake Oswego

Bar in Outdoor Kitchen

Roth Property

Lake Oswego

Reser Property North Plains

Backyard Dining

Reser Property

North Plains

Outdoor Kitchen Bars! Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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