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Patio Seating Wall

Patio Seating Wall ‘s add an anchor element to your Outdoor Living Space or Landscape. They also offer a natural place for seating and taking in the views of the rest of the Outdoor Living Space and are great in front of a Waterfeature.

They are a perfect backdrop to a fire pit where you can sit back and relax in front of the dancing flames or pull out the marshmallows for the classic camping scene of making Smores.

A well placed Patio Seating Wall is a great way to incorporate a focal point that also serves as an entertaining area into any outdoor garden space.  When thinking of your outdoor living space, use the versatile Patio Seating Wall to surround and highlight a favorite Patio destination area or to add substantial architectural seating for entertaining guests or family use. They become the “catch all” for swimming pool towels, bags of food brought by guests, and young and old alike who enjoy taking a stroll in the outdoor space.

You almost cant hold back from walking over to a Patio Seating Wall and taking in the outdoors. They are a magnet that pull us outside and ask us to relax, pull up a seat so to speak or better yet take a seat and soak in the nature that surrounds you.

Premier Backyard Living can help design and build the perfect Patio Seating Wall. While simple and elegant when designed and installed properly. The can be the opposite if they are in the wrong place or do not match the style of the home or the Outdoor Living Space. Please call us to help or check out the scores of Patio Seating Walls in our Portfolio for right idea for you and your home.

Check out this article that states “outdoor seating can make all the difference

Properties Featuring Patio Seating Walls

Cody Property Portland



Puntney Sherwood



Ruesch Happy Valley

Seat walls


Happy VAlley

Cudahy Wilsonville

Fire Pit with seat walls, column planters, riverview



Wheeler Beaverton

Fire Pit Designs



Patio Seating Wall. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Patio Seating Wall
Firepit w/ Patio Seating Wall for gathering around