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Sod Installation

Sod Installation brings a softness to the space that add’s energy, life and harmony to your outdoor space

Sod or any lawn for that matter is a visible and tangible source of comfort to us. We love everything about it: the softness on our toes, the beauty of a large open area of green space, and the pleasant smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

Most Importantly Sod Installation adds an element of Nature we all seem to respond to. The open area of green grass draw’s us to it and calls us to play in it. The kids will be out there for sure, but soon they will be calling you over to watch them do a somersault, score a goal, or throw the football with them.

Installing Sod to your Outdoor Living Space or Landscape  can turn a view from a window into a main destination for family and friends to play or gather together in the Landscape.

We have been Designing and Installing Sod or and other lawn areas as part of our Outdoor Living Spaces since 1995. We are confident that you will find something that helps inspire you to make Sod Installation the must have in the Outdoor Space that it is.

Premier Backyard Living enjoys designing Outdoor Retreats that highlight Sod Installation for all styles and size of properties.

Prices very with the size and access of the space. Also remember that drainage is a major concern that we will want to correct while we are doing the Sod Installation.

Sod Installation with RTF

Properties Featuring Sod Installation

Reusch Happy Valley


Happy Valley

Washington Property Vancouver

Two sided Fireplace wall



Nicole Court Happy Valley

Wood Burning Fireplace

Nicole Court

Happy Valley

Schmidt West Linn

Outdoor Living Landscape Design


West Linn

Rosson Portland

Fireplace with TV in Landscape



Smith Lake Oswego

football outdoors


Lake Oswego

Sod Installation. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Sod Installation