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You may by looking at Swimming Pool Design or install in our Portland Oregon area.

Designing, permitting, building, and maintaining a custom in-ground swimming pool can be an overwhelming experience even for those who have owned or maintained one in the past.

Premier Backyard Living is here to make this large transition easy and seamless.

With years of experience and some of the highest quality standards in the area, we’ve got you covered all the way from budgeting to design through permitting, excavating, building, all the way down to basic maintenance guides and services to help you get the most enjoyment out of your new Swimming Pool .


Let’s face it . . . the lure of an Swimming Pool is powerfully irresistible. Soaking away a long day under the sun is backyard therapy. Some of the best backyards are the ones that draw the family out the back door . . . and the lure of a Swimming Pool is irresistible when the sun is shinning!

Of course, kids love playing in these watery retreats.  Its awesome to be the place that your kids friends want to hang at.

Adults can join them or grab a soak to themselves, later. They bring families together for memory making while doubling as an entertainment feature for guests.


Properties Featuring Swimming Pools

Nichole Ct Property Happy Valley

Happy Valley Landscaping

Nicole Property

Happy Valley

Sales Property Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego Landscape Design

Sales Property

Lake Oswego, OR

Cudahy Property Lake Oswego, OR

Pool alongside River

Cudahy Property

Lake Oswego, OR

Gilbert Property Lake Oswego, OR

Pool & Spa with Pool

Gilbert Property

Lake Oswego, OR

White Property Oregon City, OR

Poolside design

White Property

Oregon City, Or

Nguyen Property Happy Valley, OR

Nguyen Property

Happy Valley, OR

Custom Swimming Pool Design. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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