Longing for Spring Again . . . Landscape Design

Longing for Spring Again . . . Landscape Design. Outside my window, an industrious bird is pecking away at the bark of a winter-worn tree . . . the sky above is blanketed with heavy fog here in Happy Valley, Oregon and thoughts of sunny days creep into the corners of my work day.  I’ve been organizing some of our landscape shots – before and after shots – and they are pulling me in.

Portfolios of past Premier Backyard Living projects that I hate to leave behind as we begin a new year.  Really amazing ‘works of art’ in landscape design.  They are more than photos in a website. They are the collective work of designers, craftsman, laborers, and homeowner visions.  Each show the draw of nature on all of us to “get outside and live a little!”

One landscape that sticks out in my mind is a property on a hillside, it too in Happy Valley. You will see why I am fond of it as you view the images. An outdoor space loaded with relaxing areas to dine, lounge, enjoy a fire or a soothing soak in a spa.  A kid’s play area is perfect and the view of the valley is ‘out of the ordinary.’

As I write this, the cool winter sun breaks through the fog and rain droplets glisten on the tree branches . . . winter stretches out ahead – a few more months . . . making it my pleasure to share a bit of spring sunshine through this beautiful landscape design.

To start us off – an outdoor kitchen area with a view – many spots to relax – at the counter, close to the firepit, or on a lounger in full sunlight . . .

Happy Valley Landscape

Happy Valley Landscape

Firepit, View

Next, hardscape views of this slender wedge of outdoor bliss – a reading nook, a central gathering spot, outdoor dining and living area, firepit and spa . . . a door away from the indoor family room and bar area . . . imagine the entertaining capabilities.

Picture yourself sitting on a bar stool at this outdoor kitchen counter . . . absolutely gorgeous . . .

Happy Valley Landscape

Outdoor Living Room w/Bar Island

It’s always fun to visit the construction phases of hardscaping, firepit, outdoor kitchen, and stone spa.

This built-in stone spa is perfection . . .

A stone firepit adds extra ambiance day or night . . .  notice the boulder hardscaping borders . . . Wine, appetizers, dessert and a view . . . heaven . . .

Kids area for romp and play in the side yard – a few steps away from relaxing adults . . .

Can you see yourself spending time in and enjoying this landscape design? It’s unique to the homeowners who had it designed. We invite your visit to our gallery of works @


We enjoy designing for all styles and size of properties. Every project is unique and each property presents different design plan solutions. We look forward to coming out to view your property if you’ve been thinking about a landscape transformation. Please contact us for your Complimentary Consultation @https://premierbackyardliving.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

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