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And the truth is, Modern Backyard Design Ideas come with some practical questions. Like, just how big is your space? Are you thinking detached or attached covered structure? Do you want a backyard family room your kids can grow up in? Or a dream yard you can retire in? Do you entertain a lot? Is an outdoor kitchen a must have? Are you drawn to modern style or more traditional? Is a fire feature on your list?  What about a water feature? So many more questions . . .

Backyard living designs have evolved over the last decade. They’ve become large outdoor family rooms. You want Ideas? You’ll need some Answers right along with ‘Em.

Show & Tell

Premier Backyard Living was faced with these same questions when we began design/building Outdoor Living spaces decades ago. We’ve grown up in the outdoor living evolution. Providing answers and problem solving for homeowners is our niche.  So, while we show off some spectacular modern backyard design ideas, we’re going to tell you a couple of things along the way.

So now what, huh? What’s next in the equation? You’ve got your ideas . . . now you’ll want a designers’ opinion. What better place to consult with a pro than in the backyard you want to renovate? This quick YouTube explains the simple process. If you are  interested in a bit more information on this process, watch 3 Insider Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

What Backyard Features are Important to You?

This question is crucial. An outdoor space is like another room in the house. Choose the things you and your family will enjoy doing in it. I remember a favorite homeowner telling me her ‘why’ story. She said they’d traveled with the kids every year vacationing. But as the kids got older, the schedules more demanding, they needed a backyard ‘Staycation.’ An extended family room get-a-way, out the back door. And so they built it.

There’s no place Like Home

You can see the Roscoe Family chose a little bit of everything for their backyard design. The Mr. is a soccer fan so an outdoor TV over the fireplace is important when he has the guys over. They can putter on the green while watching the game or grilling burgers. The Mrs. can choose ‘in or outside’ the Gazebo to chit-chat with friends. Let’s not forget the kids . . . they can gather round the firepit.  Did you notice the hardscape with mixed pavers? The pergola attached to the covered living room is a nice design element too, don’t you think?

What kind of covered structure would you like best?

Oldies but Goodies – Retire in Style

The Rossons are just about the two nicest people you’ll ever meet. You leave their property shaking your head and saying it every time! They are so nice! Well, they have plenty of family and friends. So their ‘why’ for a backyard living room was ‘a gathering space’ after they retired. They chose a covered living room with an attached breezeway. Planning to use the space year round, the breezeway helps protect them from seasonal weather.

Where you gonna go . . . in the neighborhood?

Neighbors, friends, family . . . this backyard can hold ’em all. There are plenty of destinations places for guests. The outdoor living room and kitchen/bar can be used year round. A favorite element is the huge firepit with wrap around seat walls. This built-in seat wall runs the length of the yard, too. A nice big dining patio with outdoor lounge area can seat even more! This couple must have loads of friends. Good idea after retirement, gather family together in an outdoor living space.

One More Thyme

How ’bout one more modern backyard highlight? This fun family enjoys the choices they’ve made. The Thompsons added three extra elements to their outdoor room; a hot tub, a firepit, and a water feature to make their backyard complete.

Grill Daddy Gets Covered

This man of the house had his own ‘why’ for a backyard design. It was all about his GRILL SKILLS.  He wanted a cover over his grill station. So they took it to the next level with a landscape design. Instead of a grill out the back door steps, they chose an Entertainment Gazebo . . .  with grill and kitchen included. Another landscape highlight: the bubbler water feature with singing frogs . . . the songs bring a big smile to your face or like the kids – you may want to clap your hands over your ears, pretty hilarious!

Interested in seeing Water Features, Part One? Get loads more water feature ideas. Also, both videos, Outdoor Fireplaces and 4 Benefits of Having a Hot Tub are packed full of ideas and answers! Subscribe to the Premier Backyard Living YouTube channel. We are constantly showing new backyard design projects from beginning to end. It’s incredible seeing ‘before & after’ landscape designs.


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