Modern Home Landscaping Before and After

This Modern Landscape Design – Before and After is a head turner. A modern landscape design with inside-outside Atrium Koi Pond, exceptional sunken firepit, out-of-this-world outdoor kitchenpizza oven & bar, gorgeous lawn area with badminton court, and . . . fun, functional modern furnishings. The design plan draws you in to be a part of the ‘out’-door activities.

Whoops, we can’t forget the cool little nook under a side Pergola. Family loungers, side tables w/drinks allow family get-together’s under the sun. Bistro lights over the sunken firepit light up the space. The clean lines of the fireplace wall are perfect. Outstanding in the space, two ultra-mod circular swings. Whew! These modern backyard dynamics create a ‘rich & famous’ atmosphere. Select a beverage out of the refrigerator, take a seat at the monstrous bar and absorb the ambiance.

Front Entrance Water Feature

To start are the clean lines of the front door and the garage door. We match those and bring those clean lines into the entrance water feature.

Koi Pond Masterpiece

Right behind that is very clean rectangular hallway leading you to an interior/exterior Atrium. It is so cool guys and you’re going to love the ultra-modern look it brings combined with the natural look of the koi pond. Open the folding outer doors as well as the atrium doors to add natural circulation to the home. The atrium stands out in the Asian culture (brings peace & prosperity) so they brought it to their new house after having a koi pond in every home they’ve ever had. The homeowners are planning to add some swing chairs inside the atrium.

Atrium Koi Pond

Take’n it out back

A few steps further into the backyard and you will just be blown away with all of the ways the design brought the inside of the house into the outside of the house – with clean modern lines carried from the very start to the very finish – to the very front of the house to the very back. A modern farm style home’s outdoor living space with clean lines in the exterior – clean and very modern. A linear bar in the outdoor kitchen – it too is clean and modern. The bar island is L-shaped if you are designing your own space it’s a great design. The pizza oven was a must have after their last home’s pizza oven.

Firepit Heaven

Probably Pinterest inspired the outdoor firepit. The homeowners love the sunken pit. The  family is thrilled with the design and fun-times ahead.

Sunken Firepit

Outdoor Kitchen, Pizza Oven & Bar Island

And one of the coolest outdoor bars in a long time . . . take it in. One side you have a pass-through window with the sink, the refrigerator, everything you can imagine as far as storage and garbage, refrigerators, ice makers – this is a classic modern outdoor kitchen. We would recommend this for your outdoor space or something like this and we would love to design it for you . . .  fireplace wall as well.

Put a Pergola in it!

Relax and unwind in this little Shangri-La . . . tucked away for privacy and lounging. There’s also a fun kids-space for play-time, lounging and dining as well.

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you for joining Premier Backyard Living for Modern Landscape Design – Before and After. A landscape design for modern outdoor living. The Chau’s had definite ideas and the design is gorgeous. We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you. Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

We are happy to answer questions – help design/build landscape spaces from start to finish or assist in landscape makeovers. Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? It’s interesting to see before and after photos in each one. See other backyards reversed and transformed.

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