Outdoor Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit – Or Both?

Hi Guys, ever met anyone who didn’t love an Outdoor Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit? R&R in front of a pleasant fire provides a simple pleasure in life. Sitting fireside our senses become totally absorbed in the experience. Some people call it caveman television. Staring into the fire does help you zone out – in fact, studies prove staring into the fire has a calming effect and helps lower anxiety and blood pressure by 5%, pretty cool huh?

Whether solo or with family & friends – having a fire in your outdoor living space is a big must-have. Which one works for you? We’ve packed all kinds of fireplaces and fire pits into this video for extra ideas so you can visualize a fire feature that works best in your backyard!

Outdoor Man Cave – With Fireplace

Talking about Cavemen, Sports and TV – let’s take it outside – man-cave-style – where football fanatics can enjoy the game in an outdoor man cave complete with fireplace! Any sport will do – the outdoor rooms usually have a big TV screen, a bar island, grill space and of course the fire feature.

Double-Sided Fireplaces

There are many names for the next fireplaces: 2-sided, windowpane, double-sided, see-through, or triple or multi sided. In the right landscape they add double the ambiance. Ever notice some friends will hog the space right in front of the fire? OK, I get it. they are Chilly! That’s why offering two sides of your outdoor fireplace eliminates that problem! You’ll have two sets of front row seats! Notice one side here usually acts as a private retreat for two. Perhaps someone wants to be part of the action but slightly apart for a bit of chitchat. These see-through options also open a space with extra light.

In the Pub-Style backyard design there’s not one, not two, but three sides! Choose your favorite seat to enjoy the crackle & pop, the smells, and the cozy warmth. OK, one more fireplace & this one is definitely windowpane. If you look closely enough you can see-through-it out to the Woods where a replica-camping-space was designed with a fire pit. Such a cool spot for kids to have camp-outs with friends! Backyard fireplaces can deliver the same feel-good experience camping used to give us any/every day of the week.

Fire Pits Trendy in Outdoor Living

OK guy’s, Are you ready for some firepit action? See the fire pit on a hillside. Imagine a space to gather with friends and family with this kind of view and this kind of over-the-top appeal – breathtaking don’t you think? Ready for more ideas – let’s take it to the PITS!

Landscapes that boast Firepits & Fireplaces

For example, the first property has a cozy fire fit in the front entrance patio that faces out over the courtyard with a view of the water feature. Heading down and around to the backyard, you find a fireplace-living-room-nook with TV. And, across the dining patio is another gorgeous fire pit for extra ambience! 3 fire-features! To help you visualize and get ideas check out properties with both fireplace and firepits for double the fun!

There’s just Something about a fireplaces to cozy up to – or – a firepit in open air to stargaze. We finish the video up with a second – three-fire-features-in-one landscape – the fireplace undercover and two fire pits in open air.  Gorgeous!

Not all outdoor living spaces host a TV screen. Many relish getting away from electronic lifestyles when they head outdoors. Instead, they insist on appreciating nature’s incredible display and as we said at the beginning, staring into firelight is caveman television – we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. Or at least when fire came on board!

Gas or Wood Burning

Very few things in life define an outdoor space better than a fire feature. One Question – Natural gas or wood burning? We’ve shown you many examples of both here – what choice would you make? Either one can find a niche in all styles of landscape design. The absolute best part of fire features is wrapping around one with friends and family . . . so many stories . . . so many memories!  Regardless – fire features mesmerize don’t you think?

Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

Thank you for Watching!  If you’d like more ideas – head to our portfolio: https://premierbackyardliving.comportfolio/

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