Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Mid-Winter is a few days away – probably why I’m thinkin’ Outdoor Fireplaces.  We’ve designed and built every Style, Shape, Size . . . Gas or Wood burning . . . two-sided, three-sided . . . you name it.

Wanna chit-chat about ’em or see ’em? Pick a number, 50 enough? 50 Outdoor Fireplaces might have the ideas you’re looking for. They say pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth a million. Good thing we have both to whet your Outdoor Fireplaces appetite.

If You build it, They will Come

Outdoor Fireplaces dazzle during every season. Winter nights straight from the spa, where you gonna head? Fireplace. First signs of Spring – snuggle up with friends – where? Fireplace. Summer night goosebumps? Easy . . . Fireplace.  Fall leaves – “Leaf me alone” – Easier . . . Fireplace.  (Well as long as the fire is getting toasty – grab your marshmallow forks)

Just a sec . . . that’s no fireplace – looks like a firepit to me. Whoops – we’ll focus on Firepits next blog . . . now back to Outdoor Fireplaces!


Staring at Fire

Enough with the 4-seasons-mental-visuals. Instead, visualize the warmth & flame of a fire and why we can’t stop staring at it. Dancing fire is tantalizingly, but research indicates our fascination is the direct consequence of not having mastered it. Mastered it – Who knew? And thus, because most of us no longer start, maintain and use fire, we wind up with a curious attraction to it.

Curious Attraction, Really?

How about outdoor fireplaces create a dramatic focal point for Outdoor Living?  They’re not only stylish but functional and add value to your property. Of many fun-features in your landscape, fireplaces are the go-to spot for family gatherings and outdoor entertaining. Duh . . .

Go-to Fireplace Designs – Credit where credit’s due

Our Fabulous Landscape Designers create fabulous Fireplace Designs. Want to See 50 of Our Best? Hold onto your fireplace stool – Ready . . . Set . . . Stare!

Micah Dennis, CEO, Premier Backyard Living Exterior DesignReady for a Video that Paints a million words?

We got it – and then some! Enjoy 3 Outdoor Fireplace Videos from our Outdoor Living – YouTube Channel.

CEO of Premier Backyard Living Landscaping & Exterior Design, Micah Dennis, will take you on many outdoor adventures in Backyard Living & Design.

Videos you may like: PergolasOutdoor Bars,  Free Standing KitchensOutdoor Kitchen Essentials and some for the guys . . .   Sports Courts.

“Whatever trips your trigger

Interested in the start to finish process? You Got It!

We are no One Trick Pony

We hope you found ‘a buncha’ Outdoor Fireplace Favorites. However, we have many areas of expertise. Now that you’ve got your feet wet, dive in to our Portfolio and check out over 140 Before & After Landscape Designs. Not sure what features you’d like in your Backyard Living? We’ll drop by and COLLABORATE . . . compliments of our team at Premier Backyard Living.

It’s a Wrap!

This girl needs to get outside instead of behind a desk . . .

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Loser


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