Open Bar for Outdoor Kitchen

Our Tuesday Tip? An Open Bar for Outdoor Kitchen – as told by the Outdoor Living Guy – Micah Dennis of Premier Backyard Living Landscaping & Exterior Design. We encourage Outdoor Kitchen Bars in Outdoor Living Design plans. Outdoor Kitchen Bars add a fabulous feature to your landscape, in fact, an Open Bar for Outdoor Kitchens spices it up. What’s an Open Bar? Take a quick look at some right now . . .

OPEN BARS In Outdoor Living

We’ll show you the Hueffner outdoor living space with it’s open bar.  Because their L-shaped homes’ windows wrapped around the outdoor kitchen & living room, they chose the open effect to be able to see the space from every viewpoint. By designing an open bar, one’s eyes don’t stop at a wall but allow you to see into the entire space. Make your bar L-shaped as well by extending the granite countertops, adding steel frames and cable. Both Mom and the Twins use this wonderful Outdoor Living Space Open Bar almost every workday. Mom for relaxing and preparing for charity work and the girls for on-line classes. You’ll love this open look. Click on the photo to see more . . .

Open Bar in Outdoor Kitchen

The Grove’s new Groove

Please take a stroll through the Grove property and see their open bar – outdoor living & kitchen. It is such a beauty.

Open Bar in Outdoor Kitchen

It’s All About Bellying Up to the Bar

The Puntney’s added a few Outdoor Kitchen bar ideas – unique with the wrap around a wood post style. Adds loads of seats and space to smaller yards.

Open Bar in Outdoor Kitchen

Double Your Bar Time

We can’t resist the double-sided open bar in the Fuehrer’s backyard. Bars are people magnets and this one has 2 sided to hang-out-At. The hot tub is side by side the bar so you can socialize with one another. In fact the TV swivels and you can watch the game at the bar or from the hot tub. And for the chef on the other side of the room cooking up some mean burgers, you can swivel the TV to his side too.

Open Bar in Outdoor Kitchen Tuesday Tip Recap:

  1. An Outdoor Bar is a Must-have!
  2. Consider an oopen concept to attract attention to & Through your outdoor space
  3. Utilize this feature to modernize or add a unique element to your space
  4. Open Bars create a easy flowing visual of your space while providing an additional destination for seating, socializing, and eating!

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