Outdoor Kitchens for Small Spaces – Pro Tips

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Spring is around the corner –  are you creating a kitchen for your outdoors?  Here are some examples of Outdoor Kitchens for Small Spaces – 25 plus years in the business – designing and building outdoor kitchens and I’m going to give you all my pro tips right now . . . Enjoy:


Get Creative

Our first tip: Be Creative. We took a very small little covered space right next to the door which is a positive for an outdoor kitchen and got creative with it. That’s the tip #1- think outside of the box. We expanded with a covered structure which wasn’t easy due to the window over the original covered area. We had to raise the window because of the roofline and added a Gable style structure there and bumped it out from their interior dining room.

Result: A new kitchen to walk outside and grill all seasons.  A bar behind the grill, a TV, an extended outdoor living space with heaters and loads of ambiance.



Outdoor Kitchens DO NOT have to be HUGE!

Number two tip: Outdoor kitchens don’t need to be huge even if you have the space. We added 4-5 feet out in this property that gave us the ability to build an outdoor kitchen right outside of the back door, so the client was able to grill Four Seasons.

Result: A little fireplace right next to the all-season outdoor kitchen so the family could outside all seasons. Outdoor kitchens don’t need to be huge.

Design it with the Space in Mind

Tip Three: Use what is best for the space. Here we didn’t do a traditional grill here we did a flat charcoal grill. It works great for a barbeque and notice the ice cooler (built in). Then we squeezed in a wood-fired pizza oven for Pizza, bread, anything else you want to cook. Next to the flaming fireplace we added wood bins.

Result: Small space – compact kitchen grill area

We hope you enjoyed this little Tuesday tip on Outdoor Kitchens for Small Spaces – Pro Tips

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