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‘Pamper Me Vibes’ w/Outdoor Living Decor

Many times, when looking at photos of landscape design something is missing. The outdoor living space looks lifeless. Although the design is gorgeous, you’re not drawn-in to sit down and put your feet up. Adding the ‘bells and whistles’ with outdoor décor adds the warmth and draw factor – inviting your family & guests to relax and stay awhile.

Spring is Here! It’s time to take-to-the-outdoors and dress up those outdoor living rooms! Here at Premier Backyard Living, we love adding the homey, lived-in looks that draw you in to sit a spell. Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out in cozy surroundings with a bit of glam thrown in? Maybe it’s that ‘pamper me’ feeling of the fire, food, & fun. Or, it looks inviting and you want to nestle in and let nature therapy restore your senses.

blog BitmojiIf you are looking for outdoor room ideas or even the basics in outdoor living decor concepts, this series is exactly right for you. Learn why planning is key and discover some simple how-to’s to turn blah into beautiful.

1. Plan Colors – Think Blend

2. Find your style – Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional

3. Careful – don’t buy too much before you have a plan

4. Decide on Furniture pieces Early

5. Add your own personality to your Backyard Space

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