BE CAREFUL – Outdoor Fireplaces can BURN your Outdoor TV Screen

Hi Guys, back with another Tuesday tip for you. I love the Tuesday tips ’cause they’re quick to give you lots of information. Here we go with the next Tuesday tip – it’s on mantles over your outdoor fireplace in your outdoor structure – outdoor living rooms.

BE CAREFUL – Outdoor Fireplaces can BURN your Outdoor TV Screen.  It’s more of a melt and it is definitely something you need to be aware of. The fix? Add a Mantle baby . . . .

Add A Mantle Under it!

So why do I recommend a mantle over your gas or wood burning fireplace? Because if the fire gets too hot – it WILL many times begin to melt your TV Screen. We want our fireplaces snap, crackle, pop HOT so they warm up our bodies in a chill. We don’t want them melting our TV screens. What to do? Easy, add a mantel to protect your Outdoor TV. We’ve learned this lesson the hard way – more than once. If you’re gonna do a pretty big outdoor TV or even an indoor TV that you put outdoors for three seasons of the year, you’ll want a mantle because there is surprising amount of heat that comes out and UP from your fireplace. Even gas fireplaces have loads of heat and that heats goes straight up.

Many times, the outdoor TV is tilted and you’ll be in trouble because the heat will actually begin to burn or melt it. By adding a mantel – over your Outdoor Fireplace so it does not burn your tv – you solve the melting situation – as easy as that. And mantels hold TV controls, knick-knacks, clocks, lanterns, photos, or other great décor pieces. It’s totally individual.

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Our portfolio has close to 150 properties of all styles and sizes of Outdoor Living. Many with mantels and outdoor TV’s. Please go to our websites to get ideas on Mantels to protect your Outdoor TV Screen or any other interest you may have.

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