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Hi Guys, this blog on “Bells & Whistles” is to show off our décor video #3 in a 5-part series on Backyard Decor Ideas. Patio Accessories are a big part of our outdoor lives because they add the Fun while being Functional. (you’ve heard that before)  But seriously, ya-just-gotta add your own personality to your Backyard. Careful . . . accessories can be tricky. Especially in a trending décor market. “Cutsie” outdoor living décor items are turning up in stores and online everywhere. Yikes – think ‘cohesive accents’ and stick to a plan.


Similar to indoor décor, there is only so much counter and table space to accommodate items. As an example, if extra outdoor lighting is necessary, one lantern might be all you need on a side table. If you fill a small tabletop with 2-3 décor items, guests might not have adequate room to put their beverages down. Functionality is key and the old adage ‘less is more’ is simply the truth of the matter. And speaking of tables, you can’t go wrong with too many. Accent or side tables, stools & eggs work anywhere and give you the flexibility to move them from one spot to the next. Note the decor accessories in the Martinez property. It was built around the chalk “welcome” picture our homeowner made – shown on the mantle. Pop into the landscape and see how we duplicated the beverages for fun. 

Outdoor Kitchens need tools for food prep and the meal serving process. This is definitely an area where you can flex your décor muscle. Don’t we all eat with our eyes? Add style and flair to your outdoor dining experience. Canisters are helpful for storing snacks on counters. Utensils help us get the job done. Towels are important indoors or out. Pillows and blankets add cozy comfort. Firepit/fireplace stools help us sit up close to the fire. Candles and lanterns add ambiance and help friends and family maneuver around in the outdoor night life. With all these elements you’ll want to keep your plan in mind when purchasing items, so they work well with one another.

Enjoy our tips . . . Thanks for watching – our #3 décor video – on Patio Accessories – 

Patio Accessories

Choose themes or colors – maybe a few unique pieces thrown in. Try for compatible accents. Think groupings of the same item.

Hundreds of fully decorated outside decor properties

Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy walks you through:

1) Why Outdoor Decor is Important – Decor Video #1

2) Color, Styles, & Themes – Decor Video #2

3) Adding the Bells & Whistles – Above!

4) Outdoor Bars, Barstools & Dining Decor – Coming in July

5) Bringing your Firepit to Life with Decor – Coming in August

Small Backyard Landscape Design

Outside Decor Planning

If you are looking for Patio Decor Ideas or even the basics in outdoor living decor concepts, this series is right for you. Décor strategies and tips help you add life to your outside rooms. Learn why planning is key and discover some simple how-to’s to turn blah into beautiful.

1. Plan Colors – Think Blend

2. Find your style – Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional

3. Careful – don’t buy too many knick-knacks before you have a plan

4. Decide on Furniture pieces Early

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