Patio: A paved outdoor area adjoining a house; terrace, courtyard, veranda. A roofless inner courtyard.

Okay so now that we know exactly what a patio is . . . Whoa, hold on . . . patios quit meeting this definition many a year ago.

They’ve become: Outdoor Living Rooms, Backyard Hangouts, Entertaining Areas, and Outside Family Rooms.

Yep, patios have it all, including the kitchen sink! Ready or not, here comes what’s Trending in ‘Patio Ideas.’


Myth Buster – Patios have Covers

Love, love, love the Jamieson Lean-to patio cover. And who wouldn’t? This classic example of a small backyard patio turned Outdoor Living Room with plenty of bells and whistles is ‘patio-lishious.’

Going Down Under

And what about this – Under Deck Living Space – patio that provides shelter from Rain or Sun? Actually, this photo shoot was rained out. Check out how great the Sieple patio held up under a few showers from Oregon rain!

Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

Put a sink in it – that’s so corny – but, really – Put A Sink in it! Call us spoiled but we like water at our fingertips, right?! It’s a matter of hygiene, and of course, convenience. Washing down countertops, cleaning up spills, washing up greasy grill works, or dishes . . . running water is a must have in any outdoor kitchen. See any kitchens w/sinks you covet here? Click the property to tour . . .

Hot Tubs are Hot – Again!

Baby-boomers and hot tubs? It’s an on-again, off-again relationship. Spas were all the rage in the 80’s but went out-of-style. Hold on to your swimsuits… they’re comin’ back, baby! Soaking in your personal backyard hot tub or spa is one of life’s pleasures. Above-Ground or In-Ground, they rock!

Sports Court & Putting Greens

Give ‘Em a place to play . . . teens need a distraction from their cell phones! So do Adults! Both Sport Courts and putting greens should get ’em looking down while playing ball games versus video games!

Outdoor Bars & TV Screens

Sports Game Fan? Where ya gonna go? Backyard Patio! We think there is no better place to hang out and enjoy the game. These boy-bars are user-friendly. What do you think? Pull up a stool . . .

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Odds & Ends – Patio Ideas

So many fun ideas . . . but each patio design is part of a bigger picture. A bigger landscape design. Add in the size and shape of the backyard, plus the homeowners style and must-haves . . . all kinds of ideas come out.

Landscape on River

Hayden Patio – Custom Deck Patio with Grill Island kitchen steps down to firepit patio. It’s so cool looking and so is the view! We love the raised beds for plantings, the lounge patio and gorgeous river view.

Froomer Patio – Another fun filled River View Patio Design. Nautical theme matches inside style and decor. Galley decking with pull out stools mimics ship galleyway. Grill island kitchen with sink and counter space. 

Bauer Patio – Unique teak firepit stools add a fun accent to this Firepit with stone seat walls for extra seating. PNW Asian style decor adds extra flair. Bubbler water feature adds ambiance. Large patio for many guests.



The Bonagel Patio shows what you can do in small spaces. A full length seat wall divides into mini seating areas creating many go to spots for guests. The concrete patio is gorgeous with its contemporary feel. Note the standing bar over the property.

The Mcfee Tropical Patio shows off palm trees galore with an amazing waterfall and swimming pool. Swim up to the kitchen bar for appetizers! The firepit is fantastic, the TV and bar perfection, the dining and lounge patio is a guest magnet.

Guys, want a beer tap at your fingertips? The Bissel’s did! Under the bar are two, yes two, wine coolers as well. Can you say Entertainment Patio? Filled with space and luxury elements this large Patio is the Bomb! Choose your favorite spot!

Koi pond anyone? The Cimral Patio is filled with nature. Alongside a river, this Koi pond has tigerwood decks that cantilever over the pond while being a perfect viewpoint for river watching. These Koi are huge – the family loves them!

Movie Screens in Patio Spaces? Smart idea Resers! Games or favorite programs can be seen by all with a movie screen in your outdoor patio space. This is just one of many in this idea filled landscape design.


It’s a Wrap!

We love patios and outdoor spaces and hope you were able to get some fresh ideas and tips.

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