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    Washington Property – Best Backyard Patios

    The Washington Property Best Backyard Patios centers on gatherings and entertainment. The design is full of  amenities. It has a House Extended Entertainment Pavilion, with Full Cooking and Dining Options. Love the mini bar as part of the outdoor kitchen.

    Check out the Architectural Slab Dining and Lounge Patios. Near the Water Feature, a Fire pit and Dining area appeals to all ages.

    The Two Sided Gas Fireplace with See Through Glass is striking. The Outdoor Pizza Oven with Stone Wood Box is another perfect pairing in this landscape.

    Notice the Pergola Over Spa, the View Patio and the Dining Patio. The custom wood is a standout.

    The water feature with pond pulls you out into the property. The large open lawn adds the beauty of nature. What a unique and innovative environment for family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

    Bennington neighborhood of Vancouver, WA

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    Property Features

    Custom Pools & Spas
    Outdoor Living Space
    Outdoor Surround Sound Audio
    Custom Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Fireplaces & Firepits