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    Small But Mighty – 5 Back Yard Features You’ll Love

    An outdoor living space that’s brimming with exciting features and opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Let’s delve into the various aspects you’ve mentioned: 

    • Pergola with Polycarbonate Rain Protection: The addition of a pergola with polycarbonate rain protection ensures that the outdoor kitchen and grand bar area can be enjoyed rain or shine. This versatility adds to the usability of the space. 
    • Granite Countertops and Magnificent Bar Firepit: The presence of granite countertops not only offers a durable and stylish surface for the outdoor kitchen and bar area but also highlights attention to detail. The magnificent bar firepit, surrounded by bar stools, creates a focal point for socializing and warmth. 
    • Space for Socializing and Activities: The setup of the bar firepit with bar stools and ample space around it is perfect for accommodating gatherings with friends and family. Whether it’s chatting, sharing drinks, or simply enjoying the fire’s glow, this area provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 
    • Second Firepit with Built-In Seat Walls: The addition of a second firepit with built-in seat walls adds another layer of comfort and enjoyment. This space offers an alternative for relaxation and conversation, making the overall area even more dynamic. 
    • Hot Tub and Firepit Combo: Placing a hot tub right next to the firepit is a clever design choice. It not only creates a contrast of experiences (soaking in the warm water versus the warmth of the fire) but also encourages playful interactions, especially for kids. 
    • Outdoor Living Room Deck: The description of an outdoor living room deck over the garage adds an elevated retreat. This spot likely provides a unique vantage point of the surroundings, along with a peaceful ambiance that allows for more tranquil moments away from the livelier areas. 
    • Front Yard Ambiance: The mention of the front yard’s ambiance and its serene vibes aligns well with the Tudor-style architecture of the residence. This space could provide a more private outdoor area for relaxation or quiet contemplation. 

    Overall, this outdoor living space showcases a well-designed and versatile area that caters to a range of activities and moods. The seamless integration of different features creates a cohesive and inviting environment for people to gather, play, unwind, and appreciate the charm of the 1930s Tudor residence in the Alameda neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. 

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