Fuehrer Property Vancouver WA

    Double Sided Fireplace Landscape Design

    Want extra cozy in an outdoor living design? Add a double sided fireplace to the plan. It has two-times the comfort and view space. Most of us when we see a fire – go right up in front to choose a seat. But, so does everyone else! By having two sides and one fire you can get a few more bodies up close getting cozy. Or if a couple wants a bit of privacy for a conversation, head for the other side of the fireplace. You’ll be in your own little world but still part of the group as you can see ’em all through the glass on the other side.

    Well, that’s just what the Fuehrer Family did. When collaborating with the Premier Backyard Living Designers they chose a 2-sided fireplace to extend the outdoor living space in their new homes’ backyard. They also added hardscape, a large bar with barstools, and an outdoor kitchen. For extra fun and activity, they put in an outdoor hot tub to soak the days/nights away.

    The stone used in the fireplace, bar, and kitchen matches the new homes stone-work adding cohesion – it’s perfect as you can see from the photos. The added hardscape also blends perfectly with the existing cement design. Throw in a dining space, some comfortable outdoor furniture and decor and voila! A new Family lifestyle and go-to spot a few steps from the indoors.

    Fuehrer Property, Vancouver WA 2020

    Photographer: Bill Burk

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