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    Extremely Surprising Small Backyard Transformation

    We’ve heard it all before . . . ‘Packs-A-Punch’ . . . ‘the Yard that has Everything’ . . . but in this case, the journey of before, during & after shows just how astounding this makeover of a small-tired backyard was and the surprising finish.

    It all started with a designer/homeowner collaboration to come up with a 3-Thumbs-Up-3D-Design. Then add a couple of Team Paradise Crews to start the build process and they were off – out with the exhausted lawn, overgrown flower beds & long-forgotten yard items. Time to revamp worn out stairs, pathways, and create must-have features.

    Many times homeowners believe their small yards are not roomy enough to have loads of activity in their outdoor living space. This small yard design proves you can invent many destinations. And notice it’s cozy flow.  Flow? What does flow have to do with it? Everything! The transition from indoors to out – to easily navigate your backyard while living & entertaining in it is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Ample Kitchen & storage space, Bar space both sides of the bar, and the double-sided fireplace gives access to 2 sitting areas. Drawn to a firepit?  You got it, grab a chair and get your fire-stare going. Nothing like the dance of the flames. A spacious wood table is one of our favorites – good for food, games, relaxing, or panoramic view of the backyard. Bamboo shelves offer “stuff storage” – grasses, plantings, lights kick-up the ambiance.

    Wait until you see inside the SHED! How can this be a shed? It’s a kids entertainment room, yoga room, office, Air BMB, winter retreat for family members . . . sheds have definitely come a looong way baby! Outside the shed hangs an Ariel Fitness Strap. The majestic old tree provides perfect security and the kids dance and create choreography for hours.

    If not swinging up-side-down, the side yard boasts cornhole & jinga for teens & adults alike . . . and tucked in the corner – a boho picnic spot. Choosing turf grass allows for less maintenance – comfort seating for all to watch outdoor movies shown against the back wall.

    Take a small-time-scratched-square backyard . . . and re-invent it! Like these crafty homeowners. This large extension of their home is used year-round and will offer incredible family memories throughout their lifetimes.

    Robertson, 2022

    Bill Burk Photography

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