Kirby Property Sherwood Oregon

    A Place Where Family Members Come Together

    Backyard Living can be a wonderful haven for family fun and outdoor enjoyment, offering a variety of activities and spaces that cater to both kids and adults. 

    1. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: The backyard is designed with family and kids in mind, a space where everyone can come together to have a great time.
    2. Huge Firepit with Wrap-Around Seat Walls: The large firepit with seating all around creates a cozy, inviting spot for gathering, all seasons. Roasting marshmallows for s’mores, sharing stories, while enjoying spooky antics make for a family-friendly atmosphere.
    3. Convenient Outdoor Structure: The outdoor structure equipped with food and beverage facilities makes it easy for moms to have everything they need at their fingertips. It adds convenience to gatherings reducing trips back and forth to inside the house.
    4. Grill Area and Bar Seating: Designed to accommodate casual/formal outdoor dining experiences, the grill area is ready for all bar-b-que. The bar offers relaxation and socializing.
    5. Outdoor Entertainment for All Ages: With various amenities like a putting green and other outdoor entertainment options, there’s something for everyone in the family, regardless of age.
    6. Putting Green: A good-sized putting green adds a unique activity. A fun way for family members to practice their golf skills and enjoy friendly competitions.
    7. Front Yard Firepit and Spectator Chairs: The addition of a firepit in the front yard with spectator chairs caters to basketball enthusiasts. A spot to enjoy outdoor games while offering a different view of the property.
    8. Countless Memories: Count the memories! Whether it’s family gatherings, BBQs, sports, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this backyard seems to have it all.
    9. Family Backyard: This Living space offers a well-thought-out blend of comfort, entertainment, and convenience. A space where family members of all ages come together, have fun, and create lasting memories.

    Property Features

    Custom Pool & Spa
    Ambiance & Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Living Space
    Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Water Features
    Outdoor Media & Entertainment