Doak Property West Linn Oregon

    Hot Tub Deck Ideas

    We love these Hot Tub Deck Ideas. What are the odds of moving into a new home, spying a beautiful landscape in your neighbors’ yard, and calling the same design/build firm to design one for you? Incredible as it may seem, these new homeowners did just that! They called Premier Backyard Living and began the landscape design process. It was later after meeting their new neighbors the story came out. (See Petersen Property)

    Although they chose the same landscape designer, our California transplants had different goals for outdoor living. Like Spa and firepit time! Fun in the sun and food time! So, these beautiful neighboring landscapes may be side-by-side but they are totally different. (Variety = spice in life)

    In the Doak’s case, they have the best of both worlds . . . they enjoy entertaining in their outdoor living space while having a bird’s-eye view of the Petersen’s dry creek bed w/plantings from their top floor.

    We have to say both sets of neighbors are some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of designing for. Many happy returns of the season to both couples!


    Before & During Landscape Construction