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    Hot Tub Gazebo Landscape

    WE love this Hot Tub Gazebo Landscape. Outdoor Living is no longer trending in 2017, it has become the norm! Outdoor rooms have evolved into fully functional outdoor kitchens and highly sophisticated entertainment centers making it difficult to determine where the indoors end and the outdoors begin. In house conveniences now extend out into the landscape. That is why this man of the house questioned the need for an outdoor kitchen sink . . . thinking, isn’t there one right inside the back door? Now, a few months post construction, he highly recommends to others, “put a sink in it!”

    And we know his wife is happy about it, right ladies? With full bar, grill area, and beer tap, a sink is a very useful feature.  Their first backyard idea was for a simple patio cover. Being the neighborhood’s summer-time hosts, they wanted a covered shelter to outsmart Portland’s indecisive weather. They met with the Paradise Design Team and soon their ideas became a design plan. The fireplace wall in the outdoor living room, spa corner with sun loungers, large dining area and unique bar-kitchen, work well to pull the compact backyard into a fun and functional entertaining space.

    Now, as soon as the firepit boasts a roaring fire, their many neighborhood friends are alerted to gather together to enjoy this landscape design’s outdoor ambiance!


    Nicole Court
    Before & During Landscape Construction