Pool Party 2015

    Inground Pools – Pool Party

    Inground Pools – Pool Party in our portfolio comes as our extra-hot summer quickly transitions into cooler fall days. It’s fun to look back over the good times spent together – outdoors.  At Premier Backyard Living, we appreciate having great spaces to enjoy our friends and family while enjoying the elements of nature.  Shown here, one of our favorite hang-outs . . . with a pool party going on!

    To begin with, boys will be boys . . . the fun aspects of this pool – the waterfall with underground slide . . . the dive and jump boulders are pretty sweet too!

    The hot tub is filled with young soakers. The loungers are filled with women-folk. The guy-folk are playing cribbage before and after dinner. Dinner is excellent as all ages work together to fill the plates with summers’ favorite foods.

    Gather ’round the firepit, or up the steps for a chit-chat. A few head for the hammock to joke and laugh together. Some hangout up the steps to pose for the camera.

    Nature can enrich our wellbeing. Caught up in schedules we sometimes forget to add the outdoors into our lives. By enhancing our outdoor environment, we can readily spend time in it.

    All ages enjoy this amazing water feature and poolside hangout.