Nicole Ct Property Happy Valley Oregon

    Modern Luxury Outdoor Living

    What it is luxury outdoor living? Rich modern lines in wide open outdoor spaces with fun, functional modern furnishings, fabulous kitchen, bar, & dining room, waterfall spa, leisurely firepit and an out-the-back-door basketball court.

    The magnificent lighting and design plan draw-you-in to get cozy in the opulent outdoor setting.  With many destinations to choose from, head for your favorite R&R spot to get your calm on.

    You’ll appreciate the high ceilings of the covered structure, a pass-thru window to the inside kitchen near the grill, and plenty of space & comfort. It is a feel-good space with loads of amenities and wonderment of “who lives like this?”

    And garden lovers, checkout the greenhouse . . . it’s fabulous!

    Goldberg, Happy Valley, 2021

    Photographer: Bill Burk


    Property Features

    Custom Pool & Spa
    Ambiance & Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Living Space
    Wood Burning Pizza Oven
    Water Features
    Outdoor Media & Entertainment