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    Mastrorilli Property – Backyard Basketball Court

    All elements of this outdoor living space with Backyard Basketball Court  are fabulous for family. It’s such a feel-good space that we must give a big shout out to the landscape designers! Go team paradise!

    Let’s start with the spacious paver patios with boulder retaining walls. What a cozy living and dining space. Perhaps the grandparents can take a view seat to watch the goings on. Like the teenages, who cant resist the fire pit with unique pergola. Grabbing a hotdog to roast over the fire, they can have fun on a patio that is just their size.

    Or quench your thirst with a glass of lemonade and grab a front row seat to view the basketball court. The game begins soon.

    What, an outdoor basketball court in this landscape design? This landscape is designed for maximum enjoyment. Family and friends having fun all over the landscape!

    Sylvan Heights Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon

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    Custom Pools & Spas
    Outdoor Living Space
    Outdoor Surround Sound Audio
    Custom Kitchen & Dining Areas
    Fireplaces & Firepits